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blind room

Artist Song Buy
buckminster fuzeboard  unique activation  buy on itunes
francoiz breut  everyone kisses a stranger  buy on itunes
cardia  stars  buy on itunes
the prima donnas  nance music manifesto  buy on itunes
nina hynes  this magic stuff  buy on itunes
lifter puller  let's get incredible  buy on itunes
anna oxygen  spectacle  buy on itunes
the spells  can't explain  buy on itunes
blinder  backlight  buy on itunes
the natural history  dance steps  buy on itunes
donovo  words for potentially millions (we want action)  buy on itunes
the slumber party  soldier  buy on itunes
julie's haircut  high school confidential  buy on itunes
state of the nation  passport to privilage  buy on itunes


ok, not sure if this really counts as experimental but, here's the deal: i've never heard any of the music on the cd, the songs or the bands, until after it was burned. I just downloaded a bunch of songs that looked interesting based on a brief description. and there ya go. a musical blind date of sorts. fun.


Date: 2/17/2004
It's not so much that Kurt Angle is my american hero, so much as that he is the hero of America.

Insound, et tu?
Date: 3/26/2004
this is a cool idea for a mix! The only track I know here is Anna Oxygen so I can't really tell if this works. Did you end up enjoying the mix?
Date: 1/30/2006
oh nice lftr pllr! :)

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