No Worries-I've Got The Exits Covered...

Artist Song Buy
Luka ( Suzanne Vega)  Lemonheads  buy on itunes
Personal Jesus( Depeche Mode)  Marioneta  buy on itunes
Every Breath You Take( Police )  Juliana Hatfield  buy on itunes
Under The Bridge ( Red Hot Chili Peppers )  All Saints  buy on itunes
Metro ( Berlin )  Alkaline Trio  buy on itunes
If You Leave (OMD)  Good Charlotte  buy on itunes
Fortunate Son ( CCR )  Dropkick Murphys  buy on itunes
I'll Remember You (Skid Row)  The Ataris  buy on itunes
Cherrybomb (Runaways)  Bratmobile  buy on itunes
Don't You forget About Me (Simple Minds )  Bouncing Souls  buy on itunes
Just What I Needed ( The Cars )  Ghoti Hook  buy on itunes
Sunday Bloody Sunday ( U2 )  Ignite  buy on itunes
Say It Isn't So ( Weezer )  Deftones  buy on itunes
Bark At The Moon ( Ozzy )  Strung Out  buy on itunes
Close To Me ( The Cure )  The Get Up Kids  buy on itunes
99 Red Balloons ( Nena )  7 Seconds  buy on itunes
My Heart Will Go On ( Celine Dion )  A New Found Glory  buy on itunes
House Of The Rising Sun ( Animals )  Adolescents  buy on itunes
Pink Houses ( John Melloncamp )  Avail  buy on itunes
White Wedding ( Billy Idol )  Battershell  buy on itunes
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath ( Black Sabbath )  Cardigans  buy on itunes


Yeah, ok, so there's hundreds of cover mixes on AOTM, but I have lots of em', so what the hell- I'm postin' one, too. These covers I picked here are pretty good ones, though. Forgive me for the All Saints one, it's more on the rap side...Oh well.....
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French Connection
Date: 2/11/2004
Jesus, what does the Celine Dion cover sound like? & my child your'e forgiven for the All Saints cover. Peace be with you!
rosy red berry
Date: 2/11/2004
good one

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