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Other Mixes By krummelankhe

CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
Cassette | Experimental
Cassette | Electronic - Ambient

Out we go

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Jim O Rourke  Please Note Our Failure(side ?)  buy on itunes
Robin Rimbaud  Always Fading:Sedum Acre  buy on itunes
Jim O Rourke  Flat Without A Back  buy on itunes
AMM  Vandoevre  buy on itunes
V/Vm  Will Travel, North West  buy on itunes
Merzbow  House of Kaya(Jim O Rourke Remix)  buy on itunes
Jim O Rourke  Undivided  buy on itunes
Raoul Bjorkenheim  Strangers  buy on itunes
Richard Youngs  Time is Time  buy on itunes
Richard Barrett  The Unthinkable  buy on itunes
Otomo Yoshihide & Steve Beresford  Museum of Towing and Recovery 1-5  buy on itunes
Q R Ghazala  Sacrifice To Isis  buy on itunes
Russell Haswell  Merzbow Micromedley  buy on itunes
Nomex  Anagogic Arm  buy on itunes
Powerfield  Block  buy on itunes
Side B
Teddy Johnson with Bryan Johnson and Norrie Paramour and his Orchestra  My Mothers Pearls  buy on itunes
John Taverner  Song for Athene  buy on itunes
Panasonic & F M Einheit  Termit  buy on itunes
Robin Rimbaud  Always Fading:Sedum Acre  buy on itunes
Terre Thaemlitz  One- Strength in Numbers  buy on itunes
Skylab  Ssh  buy on itunes
Chris Watson  Deathwatch Beetles  buy on itunes
Richard Youngs   Madeleine  buy on itunes
Azusa Plane  Vol IV  buy on itunes
Masaki Batoh  Benthos  buy on itunes
Terre Thaemlitz  "What is between missing"  buy on itunes
Nurse With Wound  Finsbury Park, May 8th, 1.35pm(I'll see you in another world)  buy on itunes
Keiji Haino  Guitar Works I-IV  buy on itunes
V/Vm  Buckingham Palace  buy on itunes
V/Vm  Please Use the Rear Exits  buy on itunes
Chris Watson  Vultures( feeding on a Zebra carcass)  buy on itunes


This is a tape i made about 7-8yrs ago that i just found again.You can see that i only had a few cds which i selected from again and again.I also had a bit of a Jim O Rourke obsession as well.Its all mixed together with some tracks just overlapping but a lot been played at the same time.Starts very quiet then gets very noisy and then very quiet again.also quite pretentious in parts but all in all its not bad


Date: 3/3/2004
Nothing wrong with a Jim O'Rourke obsession ;)

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