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Cassette | Electronic - Industrial
Cassette | Dance - House

Tales of the New Deal

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Lady  Miss Janet if You're Nasty!  buy on itunes
Sammy Hagar the Horrible  Oooh my Head!  buy on itunes
Mr. Peabody w/ Sherman  Trademark on my Heart  buy on itunes
Phat Phorce  Phun Phor the Phamily  buy on itunes
Peter and Dick Johnson  Big Unit  buy on itunes
Sly and the Family Stallone  Thank U 4 B N My Wiphe  buy on itunes
Robert Plantpeople  Who will Kill (The Chlorophyll?)  buy on itunes
Wall of Voodoo Economics  Something D-O-O  buy on itunes
Lawrence Welk & The Babymakers  (Wish They All Could Be) Catholic Girls  buy on itunes
Stevie Wonder w/ Blind Melon  Cheap Shots  buy on itunes
Pu-Tang Clan  Smelly Socks  buy on itunes
Side B
Sacco & Vanzetti  He's Sacco, I'm Vanzetti  buy on itunes
Haulin' Oats  Horse Eater  buy on itunes
Ronald and the Rayguns  Gimme a Bomb Shelter  buy on itunes
Jack and the Beanstalks  Cows and Beans  buy on itunes
Heroes of the Rhythm Revoluiton  White Butts = Tiny Nuts  buy on itunes
The Sloppy Wipers  Butt like a Bongo  buy on itunes
Iggy Pop-Tart  Life for Lust  buy on itunes
Pink Floyd the Barber  Dead and Loving It  buy on itunes
The Who, What, Where, When, & Why  Journalism Skillz  buy on itunes
Ol' Dirty Bastard w/ Marie Osmond  I'm a Little Bit Hip-hop   buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


While grieving over my millionaire daddy's fifth divorce, I made this tape to get me through the darker days. It didn't work. Now I offer it to the Napster raiding public. All these songs are free, so you can't steal them.


Geoff Holland12
Date: 3/28/2001
funny stuff!

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