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somnambulists anonymous

Side A
Artist Song Buy
ARAB STRAP  i would've liked me a lot last night  buy on itunes
CALIXECO  bloodflow  buy on itunes
YO LA TENGO  green arrow  buy on itunes
JOHN PARISH AND PJ HARVEY  who will love me now?  buy on itunes
SMOG  i could drive forever  buy on itunes
TINDERSTICKS  seaweed  buy on itunes
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND  ocean  buy on itunes
DELICATESSEN  another meal turns up  buy on itunes
TELSTAR PONIES  last outpost  buy on itunes
MIKE JOHNSON  where am i?  buy on itunes
LAMBCHOP  the man who loved beer  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
THE GERALDINE FIBBERS  the dwarf song  buy on itunes
DIRTY THREE  backwards voyager  buy on itunes
JACK  filthy names  buy on itunes
PAVEMENT  strings of nashville  buy on itunes
CODIENE  pick-up song  buy on itunes
BIG STAR  holocaust  buy on itunes
NICK DRAKE  things behind the sun  buy on itunes
FLYING SAUCER ATTACK   rainstorm blues  buy on itunes
EAST RIVER PIPE  when will all your friends disappear?  buy on itunes
SILVER JEWS  ablemarle station  buy on itunes
RADAR BROTHERS  on the floor  buy on itunes
ARAB STRAP  blood  buy on itunes


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Date: 4/29/2001
Very nice. Love the Nick Drake toon, and Big Star. I'd wanna listen to this while I was awake, though, as to not miss anything. Whatever happened to Jack? Did they have more than 1 album?
dave e.
Date: 4/30/2001
hi, sue. yes, jack did a second album called "the jazz age", released in the UK on too pure. anthony (jack's singer) also did a couple of albums under the moniker of "jacques", the first of which was a collaboration with momus. so there you have it...

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