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Fall In Love and Stay There

Artist Song Buy
Kelly Clarkson  Trouble With Love Is  buy on itunes
Baby Face  Bit Old Fashioned  buy on itunes
Baby Face  I care about You  buy on itunes
Baby Face  Body Gets Weak  buy on itunes
D'Angelo  Brown Sugar  buy on itunes
Dru Hill  Tell Me  buy on itunes
Ginuwine  None Of Your Friends Business  buy on itunes
Janet Jackson  Again  buy on itunes
Joe  I Wanna Know  buy on itunes
Lauryn Hill  Nothing Even Matters  buy on itunes



Date: 4/16/2004
Firstly, let me welcome to you the site. I should just say that the recent submissions list has a capacity for one hundred mixes only. For every mix you submit another mixer disappears off the list! Art of The Mix isn't going anywhere so if u could spread your submissions over the week you are more likely to receive more comments. I hope you understand this is not meant as a criticism but as a friendly piece of advice regarding the site's etiquette!

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