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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre

slip into unconciousness.

Artist Song Buy
rusted root.  send me on my way.  buy on itunes
norah jones.  sunrise.  buy on itunes
the sea and cake.  rossignol.  buy on itunes
nick drake.  pink moon.  buy on itunes
gary jules.  mad world.  buy on itunes
damien rice.  cannonball.  buy on itunes
natalie imbruglia.  left of the middle.  buy on itunes
red house painters.  michigan.  buy on itunes
the frames.  lay me down.  buy on itunes
dispatch.  out loud.  buy on itunes
tom waits.  cinny's waltz.  buy on itunes
mazzy star.  fade into you.  buy on itunes
damien rice.  the blower's daughter.  buy on itunes
coldplay.  sparks.  buy on itunes
the doors.  the crystal ship.  buy on itunes
mark kozelek.  find me, ruben olivares.  buy on itunes
death cab for cutie.  passenger seat.  buy on itunes
john scofield.  simply put.  buy on itunes
the frames.  your face.  buy on itunes
damien rice.  delicate.  buy on itunes


decided it was about time for a summer sleeping mix, so therefore, these are songs to sleep to. i know, the first few songs are a little uptempo for a sleeping mix, but i'm usually not ready to sleep until at least the third song. the night air is still a little to crisp, but i'm sleeping with the windows open in anticipation of warmer air. p.s. i really should've put scofield's "simply put" on the instrumental mix i posted yesterday. too bad i'm a little slow.


Date: 5/10/2004
lots of good sleepy songs here--tho i'd never be able to get to sleep once i heard "send me on my way" and started dancing around the room. :)
saving amy
Date: 5/10/2004
eep, goovie, that's exactly what i was thinking and then i scrolled down and saw your comment! track 4 into 5 and then fading into 6... ooooooh sleep, come to me :)
Fall Semester
Date: 5/10/2004
I love it.
Date: 5/10/2004
shit. i just took 5 too many tylenol pm's.

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