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Nirvana  Aneurysm   buy on itunes
Stone Temple Pilots  Dead & Bloated   buy on itunes
Mudhoney  You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face) [Remastered]   buy on itunes
Melvins  Sweet Willy Rollbar   buy on itunes
Pearl Jam  Save You   buy on itunes
Screaming Trees  Shadow of the Season   buy on itunes
Neil Young  Scenery   buy on itunes
Silverchair  Israel's Son   buy on itunes
The Jesus Lizard  Monkey Trick   buy on itunes
L7  Shove   buy on itunes
PAW  Jessie   buy on itunes
Todd Snider  Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues   buy on itunes
Jerry Cantrell  Bargain Basement Howard Hughes   buy on itunes
Seaweed  Wait for the Fade   buy on itunes
Stone Gossard  Pigeon   buy on itunes
Brad  My Fingers   buy on itunes
Love Battery  Between the Eyes   buy on itunes
Tad  Grease Box   buy on itunes
Melvins  Night Goat   buy on itunes
Satchel  Mr. Pink   buy on itunes
Pond  Sideroad   buy on itunes
Seaweed  Card Tricks   buy on itunes
That Dog  Grunge Couple   buy on itunes
Treepeople  Andy Warhol   buy on itunes
Austin Lounge Lizards  Grunge Song   buy on itunes


In one of his 71 career reinventions, Neil Young picked up the tag Godfather of Grunge, and in "Scenery" he teams up with Pearl Jam, who capture that messy, wheels-coming-off-the-rails vibe that Neil and Crazy Horse elevated to an art form…and, yes, he totally [i]carves[/i] on his Les Paul. Like Young, riot grrrl amp-slammers L7 aren't from Seattle, and their all-girl grunge match is something to behold, as they prove in "Shove," staking out their territory in the boys' club with a simple ultimatum: "Get out of my way or I'm gonna [i]shove[/i]." And on their aptly named album [i]Never an Adult Moment[/i], the Austin Lounge Lizards' "Grunge Song" deconstructs the whole genre in under three minutes, complete with the sonic swing from hush to howl, and the mandatory "needlessly repetitive and self-indulgent" (their statement, not ours) solo.
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