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Playlist | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Mixed Genre
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the flower cut-out is from chinatown

Side A
Artist Song Buy
  1 hour drone of the note e-flat  buy on itunes
Side B
gy÷rgy ligeti  lux aeterna  buy on itunes
jefferson  buy on itunes
long warm wall of alfred snouts  to animate the body with the cocoon of her unconscious christ, mother removes her death body of 1910 only to be reborn in the same spirit as a school of blowfish believing in the coming of the milk christ  buy on itunes
sarah mouthpie  mumbly grumbly bugger  buy on itunes
james wright  the blessing (excerpt)  buy on itunes
meghan doherty  scream  buy on itunes
bablicon  wooden pie people invade the womb and replace the baby with false teeth  buy on itunes
james joyce  anna livia plurabelle (excerpt from finnegan's wake, 1929)  buy on itunes
dixie blood moustache  mother and the bird machine  buy on itunes
eric heydenberk  jordaan is so beautiful pt. 3  buy on itunes
the microphones  drums and birds  buy on itunes
  (field recording of my friend amanda talking about a scientist)  buy on itunes
chris watson  massed knot roost  buy on itunes
harry partch  pray for me  buy on itunes
olivia tremor control  the bank and below it  buy on itunes
stop coming to my house prom queen  didn't have one then and sure as hell don't now  buy on itunes
chris watson  adult cheetah  buy on itunes


for elliot, without tracklisting, ie. a collage of sounds. 120 minutes.

jefferson - 1 - is a file i found online and is apparently a sound collage made by jeff mangum. (this may or not be true.)

the long warm wall of alfred snouts is an actual collage made by jeff mangum, taped from his radio show on wmfu.

meghan doherty - scream - basically just my friend meghan screaming.

eric heydenberk - jordaan is so beautiful pt. 3 - my friend eric making an "avant garde" piece about me, consisting of him hitting his guitar while his little brothers sings (or, yelps, rather).

stop coming to my house prom queen is my own project for oddities, noise & field recordings.


Date: 5/22/2004
Wow. I'd love to hear this.

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