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Air  Sexy Boy   buy on itunes
Air  Kelly Watch the Stars   buy on itunes
Air  Cherry Blossom Girl (Radio Mix)   buy on itunes
Air  Space Maker   buy on itunes
Air  Do the Joy   buy on itunes
Air  Playground Love (With Gordon Tracks)   buy on itunes
Air  Casanova 70   buy on itunes
Air  Ce matin-là   buy on itunes
Air  Once Upon a Time   buy on itunes
Air  Surfing On a Rocket   buy on itunes
Air  Les Professionnels   buy on itunes
Air  All I Need   buy on itunes
Air  Alpha Beta Gaga   buy on itunes
Air  Le Soleil est près de moi (Automator Remix)   buy on itunes
Air  Sing Sang Sung   buy on itunes


It's nearly impossible to talk about classic downtempo albums without mentioning Air's universally adored debut, [i]Moon Safari[/i]. A painlessly hip blend of analog synths, weightless organs, and sly film-score references, it managed to sneak electronic music into the living rooms of college kids and alt-rock heads who wouldn't be caught dead on a dance floor. Which isn't to say that Air songs are limp and rhythm-less; fact is, they're very much [i]alive[/i], from the soothing vocoder vocals and Champagne-like chords of "Sexy Boy" to the smoke-ring sax lines and brittle AM-radio broadcasts of "Playground Love." The same goes for our Next Steps, which pull even more must-listens from the ether that is Air's dense discography.
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