tonfedd sur a chalon o ddur / newid tonfedd nofio'r don [audio]

Side A
Artist Song Buy
John Adams  Act 1, Scene 1: Landing Of The Spirit Of '76 (Nixon In China, 1995)  buy on itunes
Nurse With Wound  Funeral Music For Perez Prado (Yaga Blues [EP], 1995)  buy on itunes
Bill Laswell  Cybotron (Dub Chamber 3, 2000)  buy on itunes
Clint Mansell featuring Kronos Quartet  Dance [extended] ("Requiem For A Dream" Original Music, 2000)  buy on itunes
Ian Brown  Lions (Unfinished Monkey Business, 1997)  buy on itunes
Pram  The Owl Service (The Museum Of Imaginary Animals, 2000)  buy on itunes
David Sylvian  Forbidden Colours (Secrets Of The Beehive, 1987)  buy on itunes
London Sinfonietta with Dawn Upshaw  III. Lento - cantabile semplice [Henryck G=recki] (Symphony No. 3, Op. 36, 1996)  buy on itunes
Terry Riley  Poppy Nogood "All Night Flight" [extract] (Ocean Of Sound, 1996)  buy on itunes
Mogwai  Ithica 27 Φ 9 (Ten Rapid: Collected Recordings 1996 - 1997, 1997)  buy on itunes
Labradford  Mas (Stable Reference, 1995)  buy on itunes
June Of 44  Escape Of The Levitational Trapeze Artist (Anahata, 1999)  buy on itunes
Swans  In (Great Annihilator, 1995)  buy on itunes
Pierre Henry  Psyché Rock (Messe Pour Le Temps Present, 1967)  buy on itunes
DJ Spooky vs. Scanner  Guanxi (The Quick And The Dead, 2000)  buy on itunes
Conjoint  Deductions (Earprints, 2000)  buy on itunes
Diamanda Galas  Gloomy Sunday (Singer, 1992)  buy on itunes
Staatsorchester Stuttgart with Dennis Russell Davies  Cantus In Memory Of Benjamin Britten, for string orchestra and bell [Arvo Part] (Tabula Rasa, 1999)  buy on itunes
Side B
Frankie Goes To Hollywood  Two Tribes (Welcome To The Pleasuredome, 1984)  buy on itunes
Prefab Sprout  Cars And Girls (From Langley Park To Memphis, 1988)  buy on itunes
Major Lance  Monkey Time (The Best Of Major Lance, 1976)  buy on itunes
Bobby Womack  Across 110th Street (Across 110th Street, 1972)  buy on itunes
Roxy Music  More Than This (Avalon, 1982)  buy on itunes
Bel Canto  Shimmering, Warm And Bright (Shimmering, Warm And Bright, 1992)  buy on itunes
The Smiths  Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (Hatful Of Hollow, 1984)  buy on itunes
Rufus Wainwright  Greek Song (Poses, 2000)  buy on itunes
Morcheeba  Fear And Love (Big Calm, 1998)  buy on itunes
Elvis Costello  Watching The Detectives (My Aim Is True, 1977)  buy on itunes
Interpol  Obstacle 1 (Turn On The Bright Lights, 2003)  buy on itunes
Semisonic  Secret Smile (Feeling Strangely Fine, 1998)  buy on itunes
Todd Rundgren  Can We Still Be Friends? (Hermit Of Mink Hollow, 1978)  buy on itunes
Leningrad  Maj (For Millions, 2003)  buy on itunes
Lloyd Cole And The Commotions  Rattlesnakes (Rattlesnakes, 1984)  buy on itunes
The Gun Club  The Great Divide (Pastoral Hide And Seek, 1990)  buy on itunes
The Style Council  Shout To The Top (Our Favourite Shop, 1985)  buy on itunes
Arab Strap  The Shy Retirer (Monday At The Hug And Pint, 2004)  buy on itunes
Momus  The Hairstyle Of The Devil (Slender Sherbert, 1995)  buy on itunes
Deacon Blue  Fergus Sings The Blues (When The World Knows Your Name, 1989)  buy on itunes


Filed under "experimental" but is only really half experimental music...Anyway, this is for a trade with Adobe Sound Labs, and actually inspired by his name - this is a mix which half-esperiments in the laboratories of sound. Basically, the two parts to the mix are the "raw materials" (experimental rock and dance, minimalism etc.) - music stripped down to its bare elements, (albeit melodious enough to be listenable) which you would mess around with to get the "finished products" in part 2 (slick, arranged, tuneful pop and rock) - the idea was really just to contrast them and show different ends of the spectrum of pop and rock. The title's from Mogwai's Dial: Revenge (good song but not on here) and means "a sour frequency brings on a headache / I change wavelength and ride the wave" - well, that's Mogwai's translation from their (highly amusing) website anyway; unfortunately I don't speak Welsh so I'll have to take their word for it! :)
image for mix


Date: 6/3/2004
Holy crap -- this is wicked-looking!
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 6/3/2004
mmmmmm...yes: kewl !
Nurse with Wound, Laswell, Ryuichi Sakamoto (I have the Mr. Lawrence ver.), Labradford, Arvo Part, & a fave from Mr Costello...very nice, Marie
Date: 6/4/2004
Wow - from John Adams to Deacan Blue. Scanner is high on my list opf bands I want to check out!
Date: 6/4/2004
Date: 6/4/2004
Lots of cool and excellent stuff here. The inclusion of Frankie Goes to Hollywood is a pretty serious letdown, though. ;)
Date: 6/4/2004
June of 44 and Deacon Blue? What a fascinating mess. They just played 'Fergus' on the radio. It is, ha, a terrible song...
Date: 6/4/2004
Da Iawn! Looks interesting (esp side one for me). Can't tell if that Welsh is right...too long since I was at school. But I do know nofio means to swim (as in pwll nofio = swimming pool).BTW The question you asked earlier - you can only put one image up on the site per mix but...there's no reason why that image couldn't be for both covers if you stick them together in a simple image editor. Hope that helps?
Date: 6/4/2004
I'm with Heatherspace.., exactly! Viva the labs!
Rob Conroy
Date: 6/4/2004
This looks really interesting and ambitious.
Date: 6/4/2004
I like the look of side 1 a lot, Side 2 less but that could be a) Deacon Blue's inclusion (I know they're from your side of Hadrian's Wall)...I admit I own their first album (the one with Raintown On)and do actually like it...and b) Prefab Sprot's inclusion who I can't stand though I know he's a good writer...then again Side 2 boasts Gun Club, Roxy etc...anyway a thoroughly interesting side 1!
Date: 6/5/2004
love it. both sides have sweet flow.
p the swede
Date: 6/5/2004
What Rob said
Date: 6/5/2004
great idea, brilliantly executed
Date: 6/5/2004
I'm with Valis!

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