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Peter Salett  Crying Shame   buy on itunes
Peter Salett  I Fly So High   buy on itunes
Peter Salett  After a While   buy on itunes
Peter Salett  If You're Dreaming   buy on itunes
Peter Salett  With Anybody Else   buy on itunes
Peter Salett  Big Deal   buy on itunes
Peter Salett  Yellow Rays of Sun   buy on itunes
Peter Salett  People in the Sky   buy on itunes
Peter Salett  The Way Things Used to Be   buy on itunes
Peter Salett  Beautiful Touch   buy on itunes
Peter Salett  Going My Way   buy on itunes
The King of France  Lover Don't Cry   buy on itunes
The King of France  Days Go By   buy on itunes
The King of France  Been So Long   buy on itunes


"The other day I bought a disc of songs that Willie Nelson had compiled, songs he loved or that had influenced him. It was wonderful to get inside his head with him and feel his love for music ranging across the spectrum of eras and style.[br/][br/] I was tempted to share a mix tape here, even though I wouldn't even know where to begin or how to attempt to cull a manageable list out of the thousands of beloved albums on my shelf. [br/][br/] I decided in the end to shoot for a different goal. I live in New York, a city famed for its polyglot culture and the musical melting pot that's a constant soundtrack to the beat of life on the streets. Great artists, great bands, even whole movements have broken out from New York and yet it can also be musical nest that eats its own. Some of the terrific talent here gets lost in the feast of touring acts that's always coming through town and the kids and old connoisseurs alike, not to mention the rest of the country, miss out on some of the best bites of the Apple.[br/][br/] So I'm offering up two of my favorite underappreciated and on the rise, straight out of NYC. [br/][br/][br/] Peter Salett [br/][br/] I've watched Peter from his days playing to happy hour crowds in cafes in the Village to playing for 1000 people at Irving Plaza and now putting out his first nationwide release [i]After a While[/i], available in stores (including the iTunes Music Store) now. Peter is one of the most instinctive, lyrical singers and natural songwriters I've heard in the 13 years I've been living here and chasing music in the little rooms and halls downtown. Beautiful songs, full of longing and heart. [br/][br/] I've put my favorite tracks from [i]After A While[/i] in here and thrown in an assortment of various songs that I've loved over the years. These are just a few . . . they keep pouring out of him and if you haven't checked him out, you should. [br/][br/][br/]The King of France [br/][br/] When I was a kid I always felt a little behind the curve with pop music. I never caught the Police at the 9:30 club on their first tour, I caught on to the Pixies when they were already almost done...I never had those 'I saw them in a little club' stories to brag on. But now I've got The King of France. Someday I will say, 'I saw them in the beginning' and feel very cool. I could say they remind me of Velvet Underground, or early Bowie in the [i]Hunky Dory[/i]/[i]Ziggy Stardust[/i] era, or the Pixies or Pavement of more recent times . . . but at a certain point when you've compared them to enough bands you realize that it's pointless . . . they're just the King, and they rock. [br/][br/] A few of these tracks are my favorites from a little indie release they put out, the others are off a truly stupendous album that they just cut that hasn't been released yet because no label has signed them yet. Idiots. One of them is going get wise soon and the rest will rue the day. [br/][br/] Hope you spark to something in here. Pass it on."
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