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Peter Tosh  Can't Blame the Youth   buy on itunes
The Meters  Cissy Strutt   buy on itunes
U2  Sweetest Thing   buy on itunes
Public Enemy  Fight the Power   buy on itunes


"These songs help me to wake up in the morning and face the stresses of daily life in this unrelenting world, with a smile on my face, love in my heart and the reassurance of knowing that no matter what may happen today, the sun will always be there for me tomorrow. They draw you in with their seductive soundscapes, and at the same time force one to examine the reality of the destruction taking place on this planet. Our time is upon us — be ready, be together, be heard and be not afraid. It's amazing how some songs just seem right for whatever moment you need them."[br/][br/]- Michael Franti
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