"Make Yourself" (Track 9): ""

"Hyper-Ballad" (Track 10): ""

"Holding Hands" (Track 11): ""
Story of the Year by itunes


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Story of the Year

Artist Song Buy
Story of the Year  Burning Years   buy on itunes
Letter Kills  Lights Out   buy on itunes
No Doubt  Excuse Me Mr.   buy on itunes
Story of the Year  And the Hero Will Drown   buy on itunes
Skid Row  Youth Gone Wild   buy on itunes
Incubus  Make Yourself   buy on itunes
Björk  Hyper-Ballad (Family Tree Version)   buy on itunes
Downset  Holding Hands   buy on itunes
Foo Fighters  Everlong   buy on itunes
Glassjaw  Mu Empire   buy on itunes
Stone Temple Pilots  Sex Type Thing   buy on itunes


[b] "Youth Gone Wild" (Track 8):[/b] "" [br/] [br/]
[b] "Make Yourself" (Track 9):[/b] "" [br/] [br/]
[b] "Hyper-Ballad" (Track 10):[/b] "" [br/] [br/]
[b] "Holding Hands" (Track 11):[/b] "" [br/] [br/]
[b] "Everlong" (Track 12):[/b] "" [br/] [br/]
[b] "By the River" (Track 13):[/b] "" [br/] [br/]
[b] "Mu Empire" (Track 14):[/b] "" [br/] [br/]
[b] "Sex Type Thing" (Track 15):[/b] "" [br/] [br/]
[b] "You Could Be Mine" (Track 16):[/b] "" [br/] [br/]
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