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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

Newborn Goodnight

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Lyle Lovett  Closing Time  buy on itunes
Elvis Costello  Days  buy on itunes
(from Dumbo)  Baby Mine  buy on itunes
Harry Connick Jr.  Our Love Is Here To Stay  buy on itunes
Don Henry  Harley  buy on itunes
Big Star  Nighttime  buy on itunes
The Proclaimers  Sunshine on Leith  buy on itunes
Aztec Camera  pianos and clocks  buy on itunes
Louis Armstrong  that lucky old sun (just rolls around heaven all day)  buy on itunes
Trash Can Sinatras  Thrupenny Tears  buy on itunes
Billy Bragg  Brickbat  buy on itunes
Kate Bush  And Dream of Sheep  buy on itunes
Side B
Portastatic  Creeping Around  buy on itunes
Mary Poppins  Feed The Birds (Tuppence a Bag)  buy on itunes
The Cure  One more time  buy on itunes
The Beach Boys  Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)  buy on itunes
Ian McCulloch  Start Again  buy on itunes
enya  watermark  buy on itunes
Shirley Jones  Goodnight My Someone  buy on itunes
Slowdive  Machine Gun  buy on itunes
Seam  autopilot  buy on itunes
Cinderella sdtk.  A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes  buy on itunes
Julee Cruise  Falling  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


I made this tape for my daughter Ashley, born in '98, to fall asleep to. I believe it's tape 3 in the Sleepytime Tape series.


Date: 11/17/2000
i love the fact that a song from Cinderella is followed by a song from Twin Peaks. . . brilliant!! your daughter is gonna be a hip, hip kid.
Sam O'Daniel
Date: 11/17/2000
Well, I love to agree with you. She's two and a half and sings along with (knows the words to!) Elliot Smith's Figure 8, specifically "Easy Way Out" and others. Proud papa, I.
Date: 11/17/2001
that is quite a wonderful mix. parents that give their children the gift of wonderful music are the best parents in the world. i should know...i'm the product of parents like that. (i want my 2 year old to sing along to elliott smith! if i had a 2 year old that is.)
Sam O'Daniel
Date: 11/18/2001
Thanks for the kind words, herokate. I was the product of parents like that, too (specifically my dad).
And I'm even more proud to say now that she pretty much knows the entire album of Very Emergency by the Promise Ring! :)
(Oh, and very interesting that your comment came one year to the day after I posted it! Spoooooky...!)
37 pieces flair
Date: 2/9/2003
Man, I could fall asleep to this. :)

Alison Krauss does a great cover of that "Baby Mine" song.

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