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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

Nicholas Vegas presents: PAINTED LOVE ( 22 Tracks from 22 Years ago )

Artist Song Buy
B' 52's  Planet Claire   buy on itunes
The Cure   The Walk   buy on itunes
D.A.F.  Der Mussolini  buy on itunes
Anne Clark   Sleeper in Metropolis  buy on itunes
Heaven 17  I'm your Money   buy on itunes
Der Plan   Gummitwist  buy on itunes
Yazoo   State Farm   buy on itunes
Thompson Twins   In the Name of Love   buy on itunes
Classix Nuoveaux  Guilty   buy on itunes
Liason Dangereux   Los Ninos del Parque   buy on itunes
Softcell   Tainted Love   buy on itunes
Human League   Being Boiled   buy on itunes
John Foxx   Metal Beat   buy on itunes
Thomas Dolby   Hyperactive   buy on itunes
Tom Tom Club   Wordy Rappin'hood  buy on itunes
Malcolm mcLaren   Buffalo Gals   buy on itunes
Funboy Three   Our Lips are sealed   buy on itunes
Kissing the Pink   8-15 to Nowhere   buy on itunes
Yello   Pinball Cha Cha   buy on itunes
The The   Uncertain Smile   buy on itunes
Holger Czukay / Jah Wobble   How much are they   buy on itunes
Talk Talk   The Party is over   buy on itunes


Im moving, & u can imagine how many strange things you found when you pack the Whole Bunch of Records you collected in the past 26 Years.
Ok, i have to admit, the Cover idea cames from on Old "TALK TALK" Album "The Colors of Spring" but i wanted to give them a more kind of Rotten Image to this Mix, who reflects my Personal music Taste ( & not only in my Youth ) The Time is running fast away & i bet that only a few of AOTM People really knows that songs.
But did that Mix really need any other comment ?
Enjoy it NV
image for mix


Date: 6/19/2004
Sehrsehr merkwnrdige Zusammenstellung . . . prima Stoff (DAF, Plan, TTC, FB3, Czukay/Wobble etc.) neben echtem Gruselkram (Anne Clark, Yazoo, Thompson Twins, und diese Soft-Cell-Schote kann doch wirklich niemand mehr h÷ren), aber das Cover ist, wie immer, erste Sahne. Bist du gerade auf dem Retrotrip? ;)
robot action boy
Date: 6/19/2004
some great stuff on this mix. alot of my old favourites.nice to see anne clark on a mix.
Date: 6/19/2004
Be still my heart! This is the soundtrack to my teenage years! I haven't heard some of these songs in ages! Excellent cover also!
Date: 6/19/2004
Great picks from Classix Nouveaux, Kissing the Pink, The The...very nice job!
Date: 6/20/2004
These songs are all 22 years old?! Damn I'm old. Nice mix.
Date: 6/21/2004
Good stuff, for the most part, Nicholas...especially love the end run from John Foxx onward...tracks 17 % 20 never (never) get old for me...(the FB3 video of that track still haunts!)
p the swede
Date: 6/27/2004
you're absolutely right, another set from my youth too

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