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ahhh, my ears!! my ears!! my ears!!!

Artist Song Buy
big black  passing complexion  buy on itunes
death from above  dead womb  buy on itunes
necronomitron  unscheduled sunrise  buy on itunes
ova!  tekhe heremutike  buy on itunes
sonic youth  kill yr idols  buy on itunes
arab on radar  st. patrick's gay parade  buy on itunes
mindflayer  repeating tigerfist and 9 flury  buy on itunes
lake of dracula  biographers of the flaming druglords  buy on itunes
hair police  worldbeater  buy on itunes
sexy prison  the last 5 minutes of gallipoli  buy on itunes
the flying luttenbachers  cryptosporidium  buy on itunes
vaz  blocked by satellites  buy on itunes
viki  no work  buy on itunes
black dice  the raven  buy on itunes
lightning bolt  crown of storms  buy on itunes
need new body  dirty bitch  buy on itunes
the scissor girls  ambulatory  buy on itunes
neon hunk  hunkamaniac  buy on itunes
sightings  white keys  buy on itunes
the usaisamonster  rope twine  buy on itunes
suicide  ghost rider  buy on itunes
quintron  sound of a train  buy on itunes
noxagt  naked in france  buy on itunes
chinese stars  sick machine  buy on itunes
wolf eyes  burn your house down  buy on itunes
parts and labor  happy new year  buy on itunes
melt banana  scratch or stitch  buy on itunes
the seawhores  sweaty men, attack!  buy on itunes
crash normal  l ovni  buy on itunes


this is sonic terrorism at it's finest..and the most listenable noise this side of merzbow. there's a good mix of noise/instrumental/noisy bands, and it all flows together quite loverly, in my humble opinion. maybe you'll dig, maybe you won't...i'll add a cover as soon as i can think of something cool enough that's befitting for this cd.


bufo alvarius
Date: 7/13/2004
Holy shit, this looks brain-meltingly great. Plenty of insane noise goodness to be found on here. Fantastic!
Date: 7/13/2004
Yeah, this mix is HOTT.....
Date: 7/13/2004
I was so ready to not see a single band I had ever heard of, and lo! Suicide! I love that song, too.
Date: 7/14/2004
yay for quintron, melt banana, chinese stars, need new body, and lightning bolt!
Date: 7/14/2004
Noisy, but in a nice way...
Date: 7/14/2004
fantastic feets of naughtiness and what a frackus...only other person on this thang who knows who needs new body is...to my knowledge...also soaring with the lutt's too...nice dice here

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