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Bang Clang-a Bang

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Imminent Starvation  Hypsen  buy on itunes
Winterkalte  El Ni±o  buy on itunes
PAL  Metrum v1.2  buy on itunes
Synapscape  Greenfield  buy on itunes
Converter  Shock Front  buy on itunes
Mentallo & the Fixer  Scum of the Earth (bloody)  buy on itunes
Pierrepoint  Kim  buy on itunes
Gridlock  Retina (live @ Das Bunker)  buy on itunes
Decree  The Last Day  buy on itunes
Side B
Brighter Death Now  Laudate Dominum I  buy on itunes
Merzbow  Ambient Study For Kinbaku-bi part 4  buy on itunes
SPK  Cry from the Sanitarium  buy on itunes
Salt  Hycrome  buy on itunes
Lustmord vs. Metal Beast  Phleisch  buy on itunes
Shinjuku Filth  The Art  buy on itunes
Autechre  Second Scepe  buy on itunes
Snog  Hooray! (Black Lung & the Death Jungle 2000)  buy on itunes


Side 1 = Pow.
Side 2 = Pop.



Date: 7/13/2004
Now this is one I'm going to have to listen to on my drive in to work at maximum volume! Cheers for including Gridlock!!
avant gardening
Date: 7/13/2004
man....i thought i liked some obscure shit...i can say that i've only heard of merzbow, autechre, snog and lustmord...but i love experimental music, so props to you.

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