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DMX  Comin' for Ya   buy on itunes
DMX & Marilyn Manson  The Omen   buy on itunes
DMX  Let Me Fly   buy on itunes
Jay-Z  Money, Cash, Hoes   buy on itunes
DMX  Trina Moe   buy on itunes
DMX  Dogs Out   buy on itunes
DMX  School Street   buy on itunes
DMX  We Don't Give a Fuck   buy on itunes
DMX  Make a Move   buy on itunes
DMX  The Professional   buy on itunes
DMX, Jay-Z & Lox  Blackout   buy on itunes
DMX  Keep Your Shit the Hardest   buy on itunes
DMX  I'ma Bang   buy on itunes
DMX, Magic & Val  A 'Yo Kato   buy on itunes
DMX  Ready to Meet Him   buy on itunes


While most musicians are able to separate their “real selves” from their stage selves, DMX has always been driven by the inner demons that follow his every move. On one level, he’s the kind of God-fearing gangster you’d find in an old Scorsese film — a street-savvy storyteller, delivering his lines alongside moonlit keyboard melodies (“Let Me Fly”), sped-up samples (“Dogs Out”), and sky-scraping sopranos (“Ready to Meet Him”). And then there’s the frantic, frothing-at-the-mouth madman who clobbers the 8-bit bleeps of “Money, Cash, Hoes” and hammers the hasty drum hits of “Comin’ for Ya.” We’ve got both sides of the man right here.
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