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last night a C60 saved my life

Side A
Artist Song Buy
strong sad  "Oh, this is getting frustrating. I'm getting really frustrated."  buy on itunes
the smiths  how soon is now?  buy on itunes
death in vegas  dirge  buy on itunes
unkle  i need something stronger  buy on itunes
four tet  unspoken  buy on itunes
yann tiersen  watching lara  buy on itunes
aphex twin  avril 14th  buy on itunes
jon brion  peer pressure  buy on itunes
Side B
sebastien tellier  gree  buy on itunes
yann tiersen  la valse d'amelie (orchestra version)  buy on itunes
the polyphonic spree  hanging around (alternate version)  buy on itunes
blackalicious  make you feel that way  buy on itunes
the divine comedy  love what you do  buy on itunes
blur  good song  buy on itunes
weezer  el scorcho  buy on itunes
jon brion  here we go  buy on itunes
dntel  last songs  buy on itunes
the promise ring  i never trusted the russians  buy on itunes
worzel gummidge (british kids tv show made in the late 70s)  end theme  buy on itunes


I finished my diploma course in Athlone this year but I got back into the one year add-on degree course in September, as did all my friends which is great. However, I'm always getting pissed off with the course, projects, friends and the town so I tend to go for a lot of walks. This is an "in case of emergency break glass" kinda tape where I can put it on and hopefully it'll cheer me up. Starts off all "woe is me" and then works it's way around to the happier "life is great" and "go get the girl" kinda songs. Some of the songs might raise a few eyebrows but this is what works for me.


Date: 8/15/2004
Digging the title
Date: 8/16/2004
Nice composition. Transition(s) in a mix are a good thing, I think. And thanks (I think) for making me remember Worzel Gummidge...

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