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The Natural Bridge

Artist Song Buy
Set Fire to Flames  Your Guts Are Like Mine  buy on itunes
M. Ward  Silverline  buy on itunes
Shalabai Effect  We'll Never Make It Out Of Here Alive  buy on itunes
Dirty Three  I Remember A Time When You Used to Love Me  buy on itunes
Animal Collective  Who Could Win a Rabbit  buy on itunes
Sunburned Hand of the Man  The Underground Press  buy on itunes
Bardo Pond  Despite The Roar  buy on itunes
Friends of Dean Martinez  Pistola Agua  buy on itunes
Devendra Banhart  A Sight To Behold  buy on itunes
No-Neck Blues Band  The Natural Bridge  buy on itunes
Six Organs of Admittance  Spirits Abandoned  buy on itunes
Mogwai  Mogwai Fear Satan  buy on itunes


With this mix I tried to combine some folk sounds and post-rock into a cohesive piece good for sleeping or altered states. I made it for a friend who enjoys Bardo Pond and the Animal Collective that asked me to send him some more music like it. This is my first mix for this site and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Date: 8/27/2004
Wonderful mix. Quite a debut methinks. Welcome aboard!
Date: 8/27/2004
Darn good. 'Fear Satan' is always great.
Date: 8/27/2004
What I know - I really like. What I don't know needs investigating....
Smashing debut.
Date: 8/28/2004
Absolutely...a great debut and a nice cover too.Welcome to AotM! :)
Date: 8/28/2004
Have you tried out any Molasses? They're on Alien8, and sort of a natural combination of folk and post-rock. Good stuff. I like the mix, too.

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