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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme
Cassette | Pop


Side A
Artist Song Buy
Rein Sanction  Sideways Down  buy on itunes
Superchunk  Slack Motherfucker  buy on itunes
Teenage Fanclub  Star Sign  buy on itunes
Sonic Youth  Disappearer  buy on itunes
The Darkside  Always Pleasure  buy on itunes
The Fluid  Our Love Will Still Be There  buy on itunes
Seaweed  Rethink  buy on itunes
L7  Slide  buy on itunes
Wreck  Relocate  buy on itunes
Sons of Freedom  Mona Lisa  buy on itunes
Screaming Trees  The Second I Awake  buy on itunes
Pavement  Summer Babe  buy on itunes
Art Bergmann  Crackin' Up  buy on itunes
Band of Susans  It's Not Too Late  buy on itunes
Side B
Swervedriver  Son of Mustang Ford  buy on itunes
Seam  Grain  buy on itunes
Buffalo Tom  Mineral  buy on itunes
Afghan Whigs  Song With No Name  buy on itunes
Dinosaur Jr  Little Fury Things  buy on itunes
Pixies  Debaser  buy on itunes
Ned's Atomic Dustbin  Kill Yr Television  buy on itunes
Wonder Stuff  Unbearable  buy on itunes
Poopshovel  One Pass Away  buy on itunes
Mudhoney  Here Comes Sickness  buy on itunes
Nirvana  On a Plain  buy on itunes
Venus Beads  On Second Thoughts  buy on itunes
Flaming Lips  Everything's Explodin'  buy on itunes
Smashing Pumpkins  Tristessa  buy on itunes
Mary's Danish  Venus Loves Leonard  buy on itunes


I found this cassette cover the other day at the bottom of a box in my closet. Sadly, the cassette itself was nowhere to be found. I had written "July 1992" on it, and boy does the tracklisting ever look like it.


Date: 9/7/2004
if i was listening to swervedriver in 1992 i'd probably be a much cooler dude right now. props to you.
Date: 9/7/2004
yeah i put a lot of effort into 'keeping up' back in the day. in retrospect, swervedriver were pretty cool... unlike something like Seaweed or poopshovel ;)
Date: 9/17/2004
dude...don't hate on the poopshovel
Date: 9/21/2004

yeah, poopshovel're more just forgotten than uncool

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