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this loss isn't good enough for sorrow or inspiration

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devendra banhart  the body breaks  buy on itunes
azita  on the road  buy on itunes
shearwater  my good deed  buy on itunes
neva dinova  poison  buy on itunes
anamude  confetti in the sea  buy on itunes
the deadly snakes  i want to die  buy on itunes
pedro the lion  arizona  buy on itunes
the microphones  oh anna  buy on itunes
namelessnumberheadman  the pace of sound  buy on itunes
cat power  you may know him  buy on itunes
songs: ohia  honey, watch your ass  buy on itunes
the decemberists  red right ankle  buy on itunes
rocky votolato  suicide medicine  buy on itunes
rilo kiley  it just is (live)  buy on itunes
kind of like spitting  prairie lullaby  buy on itunes
bob dylan  sad-eyed lady of the lowlands  buy on itunes
bonnie 'prince' billy  careless love  buy on itunes


i made this for jeff several months ago when i obviously felt like slitting my wrists. i don't know how the hell i am STILL ALIVE AFTER MAKING THIS but i still like it a lot, but i am super mad i haven't shipped it to toronto yet... i am waiting to make another mix to make it up to him. if i even can.


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