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I went to the end of the world but came back unchanged

Artist Song Buy
appleseed cast  steps and numbers  buy on itunes
bright eyes  something vague  buy on itunes
broken social scene  looks just like the sun  buy on itunes
the decemberists  grace cathedral hill  buy on itunes
ben kweller  falling  buy on itunes
a.c. newman  come crash  buy on itunes
pavement  you are a light  buy on itunes
the shins  saint simon  buy on itunes
elliott smith  say yes  buy on itunes
the wrens  she sends kisses  buy on itunes
snow patrol  how to be dead  buy on itunes
the arcade fire  rebellion  buy on itunes
gary jules  mad world  buy on itunes


I'm in a somber meditative kind of mood this music reflects my emotions right now.


Date: 10/22/2004
Nice lil' mix. Have got a bit sick of Gary Jules but The Wrens and the Decemberists really interest me. That's why I love this site!
Date: 10/22/2004
if you like the wrens than go check out appleseed cast especially the cd's low level owl vol. 1 and 2
Date: 10/23/2004
some nice stuff in here.

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