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That One Perfect Lilly

Artist Song Buy
Queen  I Want to Break Free  buy on itunes
Green Day  Extraordinary Girl  buy on itunes
Van Morrison  Brown Eyed Girl  buy on itunes
School of Fish  Three Strange Days  buy on itunes
Social Distortion  Angel's Wings  buy on itunes
David Bowie  Starman  buy on itunes
Fountains of Wayne  All Kinds of Time  buy on itunes
Peter Gabriel  Solsbury Hill  buy on itunes
Kath Bloom  Come Here  buy on itunes
Little Texas  What Might Have Been  buy on itunes
Matthew Sweet  Farther Down  buy on itunes
Travis  Side  buy on itunes
Cake  Shadow Stabbing  buy on itunes
Love Spit Love  Am I Wrong  buy on itunes
Mike Ness  Don't Think Twice  buy on itunes
Lou Reed  This Magic Moment  buy on itunes
Eve 6  Girlfriend  buy on itunes
Built to Spill  Strange  buy on itunes
Stellastarr  My Coco  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  June on the West Coast  buy on itunes
Eagle Eye Cherry  To Love Somebody  buy on itunes
Norah Jones  The Nearness of You  buy on itunes
Michael Bolton  Go the Distance  buy on itunes


I've been in an esoteric mood for the past few days. I've grown hopelessly infatuated with this great, sweet, beautiful, damn near perfect-for-me girl at work over the past year (she doesn't know how I feel)...thing is I'm in a serious relationship right now, and though we have our problems, we still care about each other a hell of a lot. I got plenty of flaws, but I could never hurt the feelings of the woman I'm currently dating; even if I WANTED to break up with her, I don't think I could, just because I'm so paranoid about hurting other people. And I know, this inspires the classic argument "well you're only hurting her more by staying with her if you don't care about her", or "with a lie hanging over you guys", but I still DO love her, and while I could personally handle breaking up with her, I could (and most likely will) just as easily maintain our relationship without letting this situation effect either of us. I'll forget about/manage to deal with unresolved feelings for Lilly, the girl at work, in due time assuming I don't actually do something about it (and knowing me, I probably won't), but right now I can't get her off my mind, and it's kinda made me equal parts sad and excited but with fatalistic overtones. Anyway, I've somehow been left with a lot of free time today and I just don't seem to know what to do with myself, no doubt as a result of my mixed emotions at the moment (I'm also hung up on what a failure I've been at life up to this point). So being all antsy, vaguely sorrowful, and uncertain, I thought I should try making a mix. It may look a little (or a lot) random, but all the songs are connected in some way in my mind at least. Hope it's not too much of an eyesore


Date: 10/26/2004
Take heart (and follow your heart). The creativity fed by your emotions is what makes the best mixes. No matter how the "scene" plays out, this mix will stay with you.
Date: 4/10/2005
The mix is an interesting mix. I would like to hear how this situation played out - especially since I find a lot of similarities between your situation and mine. E-mail me at tidyparty@yahoo.com if you get the chance.

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