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You Too Can Have The Blues

Artist Song Buy
Brother Malcom  Rag Doll Blues  buy on itunes
Gerry Arpa and The Flashbacks  All Nite Lovin'  buy on itunes
Leszek Cichonski  Thanks Jimi  buy on itunes
Left Tailight Band  Downtown Chicago  buy on itunes
Craig Lewis  Not Asleep  buy on itunes
Doyle Bramhall  That's How Strong My Love Is  buy on itunes
Levi Fowler  Apart AtThe Ceam  buy on itunes
Mark Ziza  Never Been  buy on itunes
Whiteboy Slim  The Reasons You Need ( To Sing The Blues)  buy on itunes
The Medium Wallys  Muddy Water  buy on itunes
Michael Nunneley  Echoes  buy on itunes
Smokin' Ray Burnt  Good 'n' Happy  buy on itunes
Mick Clarke  Talking With The Blues  buy on itunes
TJR  Cool Cat Party  buy on itunes
Triple Trouble Blues Band  Home Made Blues  buy on itunes
Swampman  Fade To Blue  buy on itunes
Bebjsa & Com  RegxMamaRegx  buy on itunes
Rebecca Armand  Bitter Chocolat  buy on itunes
Tony Houston  Cost Of Living  buy on itunes


You gottem, I gottem, We all gottem-The Blues.


Instru Mental
Date: 10/27/2004
I know very few of these. I'd love a copy for my continuing edjahmakation in the blues. Trade?
Date: 10/27/2004
I know none of this, so this is a definite for the future Terry! Nice.
Date: 10/27/2004
this looks too good. nice job!
French Connection
Date: 10/27/2004
Dem Blues iz juz fine missa. TrTs bonne Monsieur Terry, though I'm as familiar as Gerry re this mix?
Date: 10/28/2004
The few of these I recognize, I love. Would definitely be into trading . . .

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