Who needs melody?

Artist Song Buy
Karlheinz Stockhausen  Struktur I  buy on itunes
Do Make Say Think  Disco and Haze  buy on itunes
Set Fire to Flames  Rities of Spring Reverb  buy on itunes
Coil  Black Antlers (Where's Your Child-) (vers 1) (bam bam)  buy on itunes
John Cage  Music For Piano Ii  buy on itunes
Edgard VarFse  PoFme +lectronique  buy on itunes
Pierre Boulez  Commentaire II  buy on itunes
Nurse With Wound  Darkness Fish  buy on itunes
Philip Glass  Vessels  buy on itunes
Boards of Canada  Gyroscope  buy on itunes
Fennesz  Caecilia  buy on itunes
Black Dice  Things Will Never be the Same  buy on itunes


Music with very little vocals and with an emphasis on electronics, tones and drones. It's actually quite good background music as I sweep my floors or read a book. It's also excellent music to really concentrate to as well. Their's a lot of depth in the forms and textures of the sound. Really quite amazing.


Date: 11/15/2004
Looks very intriguing...
james porter
Date: 11/22/2004
All over the shop... wish i knew a bit more of this really

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