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Cassette | Children's Music - Lullabies
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dark side of the horse

Side A
Artist Song Buy
paris   on the prowl/the devil made me do it  buy on itunes
de la soul & da beatminerz  the hustle  buy on itunes
buffalo  sunrise  buy on itunes
ritchie venus  listen, world  buy on itunes
the real roxanne w/ hitman howie tee  romeo (pt. 1)  buy on itunes
jeans team  keine melodien  buy on itunes
tony valens & the incisions  saucers round the city  buy on itunes
Side B
jermaine dupri feat. jay-z  money ain't a thang  buy on itunes
sugababes  freak like me (girls on top dancehall mix)  buy on itunes
king loser  messin' with the kid  buy on itunes
jasret  you know you're only dreaming  buy on itunes
warren g. & nate dogg  regulate  buy on itunes
dangermouse/jay-z/beatles  99 problems  buy on itunes
spirits burning  eye=i  buy on itunes


same as the last one except different


Date: 3/23/2005
duane youve still got it! im in atlanta... did you ever get that tape i sent you, the 'gay tape'?? as soon as i get a cd player w a tape bit that works i wanna make you another one, of all the ATL hits and you have to make me another one too.
Date: 4/5/2005
no i never got that,bummer! you probably sent it to my address from like 2 addresses ago tho right? 'cause it was a pretty long time ago we were last in contact....anyway the address on this site is my current one if you wanna send me anything (which PLS DO)...atlanta huh? how's that? hey a real terrible bummer thing happened to me, these motherfucks burned my car!! do you believe that shit?!!! typical stuff that happens in this town - student hi-jinks - future leaders of our society letting off steam - you know - but anyway in a way worse than the car itself (which after all was insured) a whole shitpile of my most favourite tapes were destroyed! so, what i'm asking, could you some day make me another version of "gangsta loving"? it was 1 of my all time favourites.

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