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Proprietors of Bombast

Artist Song Buy
Supersuckers  Sh*t Fire  buy on itunes
New Bomb Turks  Defiled  buy on itunes
Cato Salsa Experience  So, The Circus Is Back In Town  buy on itunes
The Saints  No Time  buy on itunes
Wayne Kramer  Crack In The Universe  buy on itunes
Iggy & The Stooges  Death Trip  buy on itunes
MC5  Tonight  buy on itunes
Social Distortion  She's A Knockout  buy on itunes
Ramones  Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio?  buy on itunes
Electric Frankenstien  Sweet Baby Arrogance  buy on itunes
Dag Nasty  Throwing Darts  buy on itunes
Radio Birdman  Murder City Nights  buy on itunes
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant  Pinhead Cranberry Dance  buy on itunes
Bad Religion  Evangeline  buy on itunes
Sonny Vincent  That Sound  buy on itunes
Mission Of Burma  Absent Mind  buy on itunes
Pennywise  It's Up To Me  buy on itunes


This mix is intended as an early morning a wake up call for my downstairs neighbors who, after multiple requests, can't seem to tone down their very late night 50 cent, Emeinem, etc. music.

Juvenile? You betcha. Satisfying? Hell Yes!


Date: 3/9/2005
This collection shoud do the trick. If it doesn't: Try even more extreme stuff. What about Converge, Neurosis, Mastodon etc.? Maybe you even know someone who can provide you with some death metal tapes. Good luck!
Date: 3/9/2005
looks great.
Date: 3/9/2005
Some great picks here. When I had the same neighbor problem I loaded up my cd changer with Bob Dylan, turned the volume up, hit repeat and left the house for the weekend. Two weeks later they moved...
Date: 5/26/2005
Awesome.I once read somewhere that ultra-low frequencies played at extended periods of time can do the trick also. The intended target can't actually hear the sounds but senses something horrible while it's playing. Unfortunately, I think it's pretty aggravating to animals also, so you'd probably drive the neighborhood pets crazy in the process:) Better stick with Thee Michelle Gun Elephant!

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