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Fear Of Ghosts (disc two)

Artist Song Buy
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN  The Hardest Walk  buy on itunes
PIXIES  Wave Of Mutilation  buy on itunes
WALKMEN  French Vacation  buy on itunes
CURE  Winter  buy on itunes
EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL  Back To The Old House  buy on itunes
MORRISSEY  I Know Very Well How I Got My Name  buy on itunes
SUNDAYS  Wild Horses  buy on itunes
BRITISH SEA POWER  Strange Communication  buy on itunes
CLEARLAKE  Wonder If The Snow Will Settle  buy on itunes
CURE  Ocean  buy on itunes
STELLASTARR*  Untitled  buy on itunes
CHAMELEONS UK  Tears  buy on itunes
JEFF BUCKLEY  Dream Brother  buy on itunes
SOUTH  Loosen Your Hold  buy on itunes
U2  Dancing Barefoot  buy on itunes
HOUSE OF LOVE  Christine (Peel Session)  buy on itunes
CHAMELEONS UK  I'll Remember  buy on itunes
EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY  Memorial  buy on itunes
CURE  Fear Of Ghosts  buy on itunes


Made for my boyfriend at the brink of what is to be our end or perhaps our begininng... it is a long story no one should want to hear. Anyway, I suppose listening to it now there is an underlying of hopelessness which I had not fully realized while making it. It must have just suited my mood in a way at the time and actually by the time it was finished just became one subliminal statement. I try to always leave some fragments of 'hope' in my mixes as bleak as some of them may be sounding. It is like life, I just can not leave it with an overwhelming hopelessness. The mix can also be likened to a relationship, however well it is going or not. This mix for instance, has some yearning elements, which is how I was feeling at time. Yearning for times before, pining even and then feeling helpless, but always trying not to lose hold of my optimism, being hopeful for a happy ending, or at least being able to keep my head together should it all crumble to pieces. All in all a very personal mix which has actually been the case it seems for my more recent mixes. I used photography for the cover art rather than a painting as I usually do. The cover Jane Reece 'Inspiration' and back Floris Neususs 'Stuhlpaar', both superimposed photographs which give the illusion of a ghosts. I used another Floris Neususs photo for the inner sleeve 'Orpheus II' which shows a man and a woman's silhouettes. They seem very close to one another yet are also completely constrasting. Unforunately bleak wins in the end as every lyric in the title track The Cure's "Fear Of Ghosts" will so blatantly tell you.

"Like a feeling that I'm down
Down inside my heart
Like I'm looking out through
Splitting bloodred
Windows in my heart
From a higher up than heaven
And a harder down than stone
Shake the fear that always clawing
Pulls me clawing down alone
As I spitting splitting bloodred
Break in windows in my heart
And the past is taunting
Fear of ghosts
Is forcing me apart
And the further I get
From the things that I care about
The less I care about
How much further away I get. . .

I am lost again
With everything gone
And more alone
Than I have ever been
I expect you to understand
To feel it too
But I know that even if you will
You cannot ever help me
Nor can I
Ever help you" Hear this mix in its entirety at this link: http://ihungaroundinyoursoundtrack.blogspot.com/2008/12/shows-6-7-fear-of-ghosts-pts-1-2.html

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Date: 3/10/2005
Great cd's. They're pretty dark and the right thing to listen to during a cold european winter. Thank god, it's almost over now.
Date: 3/10/2005
Both discs look beautiful, tracklist-wise. Best wishes.
Date: 6/3/2005
the early 90s tracks on here make me tingle. also striking are clearlake and explosions in the sky. and your comments are so compelling. glad you're with us.
Date: 7/11/2006
again, awesome track list and awesome cover art. The Chameleons into Jeff Buckley is top notch.

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