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CD | Theme - Depression

your mouth is bigger than your feet

Artist Song Buy
el-p   deep space 9mm  buy on itunes
nick cave  loverman  buy on itunes
chin up chin up  why is my sleeping bag a ghetto muppet?  buy on itunes
menomena  cough coughing  buy on itunes
daft punk  around the world  buy on itunes
three mile pilot  on a ship to bangladesh  buy on itunes
dalek  asylum (permanent underclass)  buy on itunes
the national  wasp nest  buy on itunes
lcd soundsystem  tribulations  buy on itunes
castanets  cathedral 4   buy on itunes
songs:ohia  captain badass  buy on itunes
hope of the states  black dollar bills  buy on itunes
antony and the johnsons  hope there's someone  buy on itunes
sufjan stevens  a good man is hard to find  buy on itunes


made this for a friend. I think its pretty good, i really like the hope of the states song, even if they're not particularly good. title from chin up chin up


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