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another day

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this mortal coil  velvet belly  buy on itunes
cocteau twins  ivo  buy on itunes
this mortal coil  another day  buy on itunes
this mortal coil  filigree & shadow  buy on itunes
miranda sex garden  in heaven (the lady in the radiator song)  buy on itunes
hex  out of pink sky  buy on itunes
kate bush  waking the witch  buy on itunes
this mortal coil  ruddy & wretched  buy on itunes
hex  diviner  buy on itunes
miranda sex garden  this love is but a wanton fit  buy on itunes
this mortal coil  'til i gain control again  buy on itunes
kate bush  song of solomon  buy on itunes
dead can dance  the wind that shakes the barley  buy on itunes
sinead o'connor  i am stretched on your grave  buy on itunes
annie lennox  love song for a vampire  buy on itunes
sarah mclaughlin  fear  buy on itunes
nico  petit chevalier  buy on itunes
julee cruise  rockin' back inside your heart  buy on itunes
this mortal coil  thais II  buy on itunes
kate bush  hello earth  buy on itunes
jane siberry  vigil (the sea)  buy on itunes


a confession for you, a really long time ago, friend (a) made a compilation tape of songs she wanted to use to communicate a message to sortaboyfriend (b). the message wasn't entirely positive (see track #12) but the songs were pretty sweet, and at the time (11 years ago), many of them were quite new to me. sortaboyfriend (b) was being a sortaboyfriend (b) to friends (a), (c), and (d), and made weird kinda flirty advances on me one afternoon in the community college newspaper office when there was no one else around. to be honest with you,, i was pretty damn sick of sortaboyfriend (b) by this point. so when he wasn't looking i took the tape friend (a) made for him out of the tape deck in the community college newspaper office stereo and deposited in my backpack. said tape has remained in my custody since. dude, i deserved it more.this adaptation of the tape friend (a) made has been drastically revised, edited, and supplemented with all the cultural and technological advantages that have come to me hence. mostly, soundforge. some miranda sex garden. lots of short bursts of beautiful disray, lots of little samples and noises in the mix. one of my favorites would be the ominious rumbling lain over the end of "petit chevalier." siouxsie & the banshee's "mother/o mien papa" had been prepared as the next track, but listening to it again in the context of my completed work put me off, so i cut it--but as the nico track had already been altered, i found a way to work those rumblings in because i was too lazy to dig up "desertshore" for a fresh pull. in short, lots of fun to make. and to listen to.i gave a copy to a friend shortly after i finished it; this friend having no relationship whatsoever to the community college newspaper office or sortaboyfriend (b). she's one of the only friends i've ever had to make me mixes, as in, mixes i didn't have to appropriate from community college newspaper office tape decks, and i wanted to offer something really good in return for her thoughtfulness. i felt around for music she might like and settled on this one, as she loves kate bush and this was the sort of material i've heard her use in her yoga practice. didn't know, at the time, that she actually experiences physical nausea at the sound of elizabeth fraser's voice.oh well. another day, then.


The Nightcrawler
Date: 5/2/2005
Nausea? Geez. Please don't tell me she also has a penchant for headaches upon hearing Sarah McLachlan. I thought only JoJo-worshipping teenyboppers and gas-huffing fans of hair metal could be repelled by such a beautiful sound.
Date: 5/2/2005
*s* she's actually got some terrible hearing issues. one of the things i've noticed about my friends with hearing problems (and i've had about five, now) is that most of them are just intolerant of unclear lyrics. the situation of not being able to understand what someone is saying is probably too familiar for comfort. fraser is pretty much the master of the beautifully incoherent lyric, i mean, that's just her style. h seems okay with projects where the singer is singing in another language or nonsense, but she knows fraser is singing in english and just can't make any of it out. i think the long term effects of trying to hard to figure it out was a strong, and eventually physical, aversion to the cocteau twins.she adores sarah mclachlan, so you know.
Date: 4/29/2007
I once threw up while trying to make out the lyrics to "Aikea-Guinea." don't you think it's about time for your AotM comeback?

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