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Stick this in your listening comfort zone and smoke it!

Artist Song Buy
SikTh  When Will the Forest Speak?  buy on itunes
Arsis  The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavment Letters  buy on itunes
Backworld  The Orchids  buy on itunes
Skyclad  On With Their Heads!   buy on itunes
Overlord  Super Rocking Secret Song [Sound of the Underground]  buy on itunes
Angelspit  Head Kult   buy on itunes
Circle of Dead Children  A Family Tree to Hang From  buy on itunes
Inkubus Sukkubus  Vampire Punk Rockers From Hell  buy on itunes
Matriarch  Black Apples  buy on itunes
Ancient Rites  North Sea [Live]  buy on itunes
Lawnmower Deth  I Got the Clap  buy on itunes
Apocalyptica  Path vol. 2 [feat. Sandra Nasic]  buy on itunes
Crotchduster  Cain Sings the Blues   buy on itunes
Korpiklaani  Wooden Pints   buy on itunes
Therion  Typhon   buy on itunes
Stormtroopers of Death  Anti-Procrastination Song  buy on itunes
Anti-Nowhere League  So What?  buy on itunes
Ephel Duath  The Passage [Pearl Grey]  buy on itunes
Amorphis  Weeper on the Shore   buy on itunes
Gandalf  Nightderanger   buy on itunes
Ewigkeit  Strange Volk [Edit]  buy on itunes
Dissection  No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep   buy on itunes


Starting with a spoken word wierdcore track that feeds into melodic death metal, and ending with a short piece of morbid classical guitar, the contents of this CD are designed to show-case some of the most odd, experimental and extreme music lurking out there below the radar of the popular music press. With everything from Electrofolk and Riot Pop to Polka Metal and Pagan Rock, this mix is gauranteed to make you at least raise your eyebrows a few times.


Date: 5/7/2005
Don't tell me there's actually a genre called weirdcore. Looks interesting nonetheless.
Date: 5/8/2005
Awesome:) Not that I've even heard of most of the bands here, but anything "gauranteed to make you at least raise your eyebrows a few times" is worth celebrating!
Date: 10/6/2006
Heh. I like this. And polka metal freaking rocks. I always appreciate when people mix shit like Inkubus Sukkubus with Korpiklaani, because I've been known to do the same. Three cheers for Apocalyptica, and you included my favourite band of all time (Therion).

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