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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
Playlist | Mixed Genre


Artist Song Buy
belle and sebastian  don't leave the light on baby  buy on itunes
fiona apple  sleep to dream  buy on itunes
fugazi  i'm so tired  buy on itunes
wilson pickett  in the midnite hour  buy on itunes
stray cats  sleepwalk  buy on itunes
cure  let's go to bed  buy on itunes
beatles  i'm so tired  buy on itunes
greenday  dry ice  buy on itunes
rem  i don't sleep i dream  buy on itunes
velvet underground  after hours  buy on itunes
radiohead  nice dream  buy on itunes
belly  now they'll sleep  buy on itunes
psychedelic furs  i wanna sleep with you  buy on itunes
saves the day  you vandal  buy on itunes
blondie  dreaming  buy on itunes
billy bragg and wilco  california stars  buy on itunes
smiths  last nite i dreamt that somebody loved me  buy on itunes


a mix for jolie, i can't believe i left off the song that inspired the mix, billy joel's lullabye.


Date: 1/28/2001
glad you didn't include aerosmith. dream on.
Date: 12/29/2001
This looks like an awesome mix, great bands...dont see one i dont like.*admits to liking blondie =)*

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