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"Awesome, like a bad night of karaoke." Japanese Covers 3

Artist Song Buy
the out cast  long tall sally  buy on itunes
5678's  howling at the moon  buy on itunes
the spiders  wipeout  buy on itunes
the voltage  hang on! i'm comin'  buy on itunes
penpals  here comes your man   buy on itunes
wakusei  gigantic  buy on itunes
the collectors  what is life  buy on itunes
coke head hipsters  batman  buy on itunes
LISA  why do fools fall in love  buy on itunes
potshot   tears of a clown   buy on itunes
teengenerate  shake, rattle, and roll  buy on itunes
utada hikaru  with or without you  buy on itunes
takui  namonaki uta  buy on itunes
the missiles  blitzkrieg bop  buy on itunes
bunny fuzzy  bye bye baby  buy on itunes
5678's  long tall sally  buy on itunes
the out cast  everything's alright  buy on itunes
mo'some tonebender  planet of sound   buy on itunes
shonen knife  top of the world   buy on itunes
shonen knife  til the end of the day  buy on itunes
guitar wolf  (i can't get no) satisfaction   buy on itunes
drumkan  alec eiffel   buy on itunes
hoff dylan  i got my mind set on you  buy on itunes


Now that I have over three hours of Japanese covers, I am ready to do a Japanese covers specialty show on WUSC.


Date: 5/19/2005
Good stuff!
Date: 5/20/2005
Madcore idea!
Date: 5/20/2005
Oh my my my. This is impressive. And I LOVE Guitar Wolf. What's with all the Long Tall Sally, anyway? Is there some special appeal for Asian bands to cover songs with lyrics they can't pronounce? I have the doing Tallahassee Lassie & I swear, it sounds like this:

See cah frah Tarrahashee

See gotta hi-fi chashee

Maybe rook a rittle sassee

But to me she reah crasshee

See my Tarrahasshe rasshee

Down ih Eff Ell Ray
Date: 5/21/2005
Waugh! Sweetness all around! And how in the world did you get your hands on a Hoff Dylan song? I've been trying to get my mitts on their stuff for ages with zero success.
Date: 6/20/2005
This is a great-looking series. I'd love to trade for it, let me know if you are interested.

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