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CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
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I dont remember my music sounding this way

Artist Song Buy
Front line assembly W/ Tiffany  New years day (U2)  buy on itunes
The Mission  atomic (Blondie)  buy on itunes
Tom Jones  situation (Yaz)  buy on itunes
Ride  the model (Kraftwerk)  buy on itunes
Frente  Bizzare love triangle (New order)  buy on itunes
Dubstar  jealousy (Pet shop boys)  buy on itunes
Switchblade symphony  lucky star (Madonna)  buy on itunes
Sarah Mclachlin  Dear God (XTC)  buy on itunes
Tin Tin with Emma Bunton *Baby spice*  What I am (Eddie Brickel)  buy on itunes
Rosetta Stone  October (U2)  buy on itunes
Diva destruction  Persephone (Cockateau Twins)  buy on itunes
Ace of base  Cruel summer (Banarama)  buy on itunes
KMFDM  Mysterious ways (U2)  buy on itunes
Meat beat manifesto  everything counts (depeche mode)  buy on itunes
Electric hellfire club  devil inside (INXS)  buy on itunes
Leatherstrip  Lullaby (The Cure)  buy on itunes
The Cure  The world in my eyes (Depeche Mode)  buy on itunes


A mix made for a fellow AOTM'er in trade for a cover mix she made. The mix uses some of my fave goth/idustrial bands witha few others thrown in all covering songs I loved from the late 70's through early 90's.


Date: 2/11/2001
another kewl mix...
heh, I didn't know
lot of these covers
existed, & I often
wonder where they come
from cuz they seem to
pop up on napster left
& right...I have that
Front Line Assembly track,
but I didn't know that was
Tiffany doing vocals, lol...
you should also check out Electric
Hellfire Club's version of "Bela Legosi's Dead" as well as
Leatherstrip covering Soft Cell's "Sex Dwarf"...
I gotta check out these versions you
listed now :)

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