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"More Noise Please" or "Thank You For Making Noise"

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Bernstein, Steven Jesse  More Noise Please  buy on itunes
Biota  Tottery  buy on itunes
Coltrane, John  The Father and the Son and The Holy Ghost  buy on itunes
Excepter  Be Beyond Me  buy on itunes
Ruins  B.U.G.  buy on itunes
Flying Saucer Attack  Past  buy on itunes
Set Fire to Flames  Tehran is Seizure/Telegraphs in Negative  buy on itunes
Braxton, Anthony  To Pianist Cecil Taylor  buy on itunes
Black Dice  Wasteder  buy on itunes
Sunn0)))  The Gates of Ballard  buy on itunes
Curran, Alvin  Endangered Species  buy on itunes
Marclay, Christian  Jukebox Capriccio  buy on itunes
Side B
Lightning Bolt  Clown of Storms  buy on itunes
Experimental Audio Research  California Nocturne   buy on itunes
Peter Brotzmann Octet  Machine Gun  buy on itunes
Merzbow  Muchen  buy on itunes
Partch, Harry  The Letter  buy on itunes
Dolden, Paul  Revenge of the Repressed: Resonance #2  buy on itunes
Sonic Youth  Mote   buy on itunes
Einsturzende Neubauten  Krieg in den Stedten  buy on itunes
Liars  There's Always Room For a Broom  buy on itunes
Matmos  Pelt and Holler   buy on itunes
Alterations  Berlin 1  buy on itunes
Lygeti, Gyorgy  Aventures, for 3 voices & 7 instruments  buy on itunes
Kiev   buy on itunes


"More Noise Please" or "Thank You For Making Noise".

While kicking back at the Dentist's Office, mildly sedated from gas, I sat listening to Jesse Bernstein album entitled Prison. During one track, set to the music of Steve Fisk, Bernstein noted that he should be grateful for all of the clatter, clinking and clanking heard from outside his window. Because it was the "goddam noise" that helped form his thoughts.they were the cause of his art. At once point he even went far as to exclaim he would hang a sign outside of his window with the words "More Noise Please" or "Thank You For Making Noise".

This, of course, got me thinking about how reliant I can become on the sounds around me. And to celebrate "noise", I set forth to compile this four CD collection of tracks which utilize noise, emulate noise, mimic noise, etc. Culled from various genres: Noise-Rock, Avant Garde Jazz, Experimental Electronic, Space Rock, Free Jazz to name a few, each track was carefully selected to celebrate noise as music - or, is it music as noise? - or, is it music at all? Let the debate begin.

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Date: 7/5/2005
Disc One:

Here is a track-by-track rundown:

+ Biota's Tottery: Acoustic folk thrown in a blender utilizing various tape and post-production techniques.
+ Coltrane's The Father and the Son and The Holy Ghost: In his final outing with McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones, Coltrane and Pharaoh Sanders scream and squelch throughout this avant-free-jazz landmark. (An acquired taste.)
+ Excepter is Brooklyn-based noise-rock outfit intent on emitting what they call "fractal noise". Be Beyond Me is a fine example.
+ Ruins' B.U.G.: Off of the 1990 recording, Stonehenge. Actually not entitled on the disc, B.U.G. is a prime example of this drummer/bassist/collaborative screamed vocal duos visceral musical attack. One can easily draw a line from this group to Death Above 1979.
+ Flying Saucer Attack's Past is wonderful piece of droning space rock which provides a wonderful ambient selection amongst the other more assaultive pieces.
+ Set Fire to Flames'Tehran is Seizure/Telegraphs in Negative: What it sounds like when music is composed during "self-imposed isolation, with the band operating in states of little or no sleep, varying levels of intoxication, and in physical confinement."
+ Anthony Braxton's To Pianist Cecil Taylor is a free-jazz tribute to the avant-garde pianist. My favorite quote about Cecil Taylor comes from Ken Burn's Jazz. To paraphrase, "I support Cecil Taylor right to play his music, and my right not to listen to it". I, for one, like Cecil Taylor brand of music, but still find the quote funny.
+ Black Dice's Wasteder: Another Brooklyn-based noise rock outfit, another fine example from the genre resurgence. (It must be something in the water.)
+ Sunn0))) - The Gates of Ballard: A doom metal low-end drone assault.
+ Alvin Curran's Endangered Species: A selection Utilizing piano, "found sounds", vocal samples, the piece is epitomizes this masterful modern composer. Also worth considering, but just too friggin' odd, was the track "Maritime Rites", which is a musical composition written for ship foghorns.
+ Christian Marclay's Jukebox Capriccio: the sound of eight turntables playing at once! And, it doesn't sound absurd.
Date: 7/5/2005
Disc 2: + Lightning Bolt is a three-piece noise rock group, which started as an art school assignment. Similar to Ruins but a tad bit more fleshed out.
+ Experimental Audio Research's California Nocturne is a combination of ambience and sheet's of feedback. Sublime.
+ Peter Brotzmann Octet's Machine Gun begins with, just that, the sound of a jazz band emulating small weapon's fire. An aggressive piece of jazz as there ever was. The album is widely considered the first European Jazz Recording.
+ Merzbow is considered by many the alpha and omega of noise music.
+ Harry Partch's The Letter is a short track, which exemplifies the modern composers utilization of voice and odd instrumentation.
+ Paul Dolden's Revenge of the Repressed: Resonance #2 is a beautiful slice of musique concrete. Solo saxophone over tape loop.ooh la la.
+ Sonic Youth's Mote is another wonderful combination of free-form noise experimentalism and pop sensibilities. I love this band. `Nuff said.
+ Einsturzende Neubauten's - Krieg in den Stedten is a fine example of true Industrial.
+ Liars' - There's Always Room For a Broom: a fantastic track, from a terrific concept album. Far better than anything you'd find on the Bewitched Soundtrack.
+ Matmos' Pelt and Holler. Another album worth considering for your next Halloween Comp.Matmos' A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure which utilizes samples from actual surgical procedures.
+ Alterations is a revolving group of free-from improvisational musicians. Berlin 1 is a fine example of their particular brand of musical chaos.
+ Gyorgy Lygeti's Aventures, for 3 voices & 7 instruments is yet another mind-bending work of modern composition.
+ L's Kiev is the work of a recently re-released Japanese Psych. Far mellower than many of their counterparts.
Date: 7/5/2005
Disc Three: + Philip Jeck, Otomo Yoshinde and Martin Tetrault contribute a piece of electronic noise. Like a piece of mildly disturbing ambience.
+ My Bloody Valentine's Loomer. No need to explain.
+ Fushitsusha's Hazama is just one notch short of utter cacophony. (Truly an acquired taste)
+ DJ Spooky vs The Freight Elevator Quartet's Downtempo Manifesto is a blend of turntablism and avant-garde electronics. Wonderful.
+ Art Ensemble of Chicago's Folkus is another free-jazz freak-out.
+ Jerry Hunt's Song Drapes 8 provides an almost quiet aside. An ambient tinged modern composition with odd instrumentation.
+ Charalambides ` Stroke is a selection of tense improvisation.
+ John Cage's Sonato XI is an example of Cage's Prepared Piano, which utilizes screws, bolts and other foreign materials within the strings to add another percussive nature to his works.
+ Boredoms Vision Creation Newsun is one of the most underappreciated albums to come out since the year 2000.
+ Glenn Branca Symphony No. 1 is beautiful selection, providing one of the most gargantuan guitar sounds ever set to tape. A "must hear."
+ Wolf Eyes' Village Oblivia is a selection from the critically acclaimed hardcore noise rockers.
+ AMM's Ailantus Glandulosa is minimalist avant-garde jazz piece, which packs a cacophonic wallop.
+ Bjork's Cvalda proves how industrial noise can be construed as, or at least used as the basis for popular music.
Date: 7/5/2005
+ Henry Brant's Flaming Horizons is culled from Northern Light's Over Twin Cities. The composer utilizes massive tone clusters utilizing multiple groups simultaneously. Truly original.
+ Velvet Underground and Nico's European Son provides ample proof of this band's ingenious, creativity and experimental nature.
+ Herbert Elmer's Klangstudie II is an early piece of electronic innovation. The piece envelopes the listener is segmented static, punctuated various noise bursts set a different intervals.
+ Roy Montgomery' Sounding the Abyss is a slab of guitar crunch worthy of any noise rock catalog.
+ Sun Ra's Mu is another free-jazz piece by one of the genre's most constroversial composers.
+ Charles Wuorinen's Lepton is a condensed version of his enigmatic modern composition style.
+ Lydia Lynch & Thurston Moore join forces to create this challenging noise-rock piece, entitled, The Crumb.
+ Ornette Coleman's Science Fiction has been noted as being "a stunningly inventive and appropriately alien-sounding blast of manic energy".
+ Chrome's You've Been Duplicated, Coil's Amethyst Deceivers and Nurse With Wound's I Am Blind are all examples of the experimental industrial genre. Presented here as a sort of three piece suite, providing various textures, moods and varying degrees of percussive utilization.
+ Lastly, the selection from Metal Machine Music is one of four lengthy tracks found on the much-maligned (and occasionally highly-revered) album by Lou Reed. Made up of feedback, distortion, and atonal guitar, the listener will either be enthralled or agitated, but either way, like many of the tracks on this mix, strong reaction is ensured.
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/5/2005
Nice, if that's the right word for any mix that contains "Machine Gun," Lightning Bolt, or just about anything else here. ;-)
lo-fi jr.
Date: 7/5/2005
Frighteningly good set. I'd be first in line for this box.
bufo alvarius
Date: 7/6/2005
In-fucking-credible. I would be second in line for this box. Great stuff.
Date: 8/13/2005
Splendid. Love the Coltrane -> Excepter -> Ruins run especially.

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