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"More Noise Please" or "Thank You For Making Noise" - Part II

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Jeck, Philip, Otomo Yoshinde and Martin Tetrault  Untitled #1  buy on itunes
My Bloody Valentine  Loomer   buy on itunes
Fushitsusha  Hazama  buy on itunes
DJ Spooky vs The Freight Elevator Quartet  Downtempo Manifesto  buy on itunes
Art Ensemble of Chicago  Folkus  buy on itunes
Hunt, Jerry  Song Drapes 8  buy on itunes
Charalambides  Stroke   buy on itunes
Cage, John  Sonato XI  buy on itunes
Boredoms  Untitled (Track 7)  buy on itunes
Branca, Glenn  4th Movement  buy on itunes
Wolf Eyes  Village Oblivia   buy on itunes
AMM  Ailantus Glandulosa   buy on itunes
Bjork  Cvalda  buy on itunes
Side B
Brant, Henry  Flaming Horizons  buy on itunes
Velvet Underground and Nico  European Son  buy on itunes
Elmer, Herbert  Klangstudie II  buy on itunes
Montgomery, Roy  Sounding the Abyss  buy on itunes
Sun Ra  Mu   buy on itunes
Wuorinen, Charles  Lepton  buy on itunes
Lynch, Lydia & Thurston Moore  The Crumb  buy on itunes
Coleman, Ornette  Science Fiction  buy on itunes
Chrome  You've Been Duplicated   buy on itunes
Coil  Amethyst Decievers   buy on itunes
Nurse With Wound  I Am Blind  buy on itunes
Reed, Lou  Metal Machine Music Part I  buy on itunes


Really just an extension of the posted mix (having technical difficulties)

Disc Three and Four: Track by Track Rundown.

+ Philip Jeck, Otomo Yoshinde and Martin Tetrault contribute a piece of electronic noise. Like a piece of mildly disturbing ambience.
+ My Bloody Valentine's Loomer. No need to explain.
+ Fushitsusha's Hazama is just one notch short of utter cacophony. (Truly an acquired taste)
+ DJ Spooky vs The Freight Elevator Quartet's Downtempo Manifesto is a blend of turntablism and avant-garde electronics. Wonderful.
+ Art Ensemble of Chicago's Folkus is another free-jazz freak-out.
+ Jerry Hunt's Song Drapes 8 provides an almost quiet aside. An ambient tinged modern composition with odd instrumentation.
+ Charalambides ` Stroke is a selection of tense improvisation.
+ John Cage's Sonato XI is an example of Cage's Prepared Piano, which utilizes screws, bolts and other foreign materials within the strings to add another percussive nature to his works.
+ Boredoms Vision Creation Newsun is one of the most underappreciated albums to come out since the year 2000.
+ Glenn Branca Symphony No. 1 is beautiful selection, providing one of the most gargantuan guitar sounds ever set to tape. A "must hear."
+ Wolf Eyes' Village Oblivia is a selection from the critically acclaimed hardcore noise rockers.
+ AMM's Ailantus Glandulosa is minimalist avant-garde jazz piece, which packs a cacophonic wallop.
+ Bjork's Cvalda proves how industrial noise can be construed as, or at least used as the basis for popular music.
+ Henry Brant's Flaming Horizons is culled from Northern Light's Over Twin Cities. The composer utilizes massive tone clusters utilizing multiple groups simultaneously. Truly original.
+ Velvet Underground and Nico's European Son provides ample proof of this band's ingenious, creativity and experimental nature.
+ Herbert Elmer's Klangstudie II is an early piece of electronic innovation. The piece envelopes the listener is segmented static, punctuated various noise bursts set a different intervals.
+ Roy Montgomery' Sounding the Abyss is a slab of guitar crunch worthy of any noise rock catalog.
+ Sun Ra's Mu is another free-jazz piece by one of the genre's most constroversial composers.
+ Charles Wuorinen's Lepton is a condensed version of his enigmatic modern composition style.
+ Lydia Lynch & Thurston Moore join forces to create this challenging noise-rock piece, entitled, The Crumb.
+ Ornette Coleman's Science Fiction has been noted as being "a stunningly inventive and appropriately alien-sounding blast of manic energy".
+ Chrome's You've Been Duplicated, Coil's Amethyst Deceivers and Nurse With Wound's I Am Blind are all examples of the experimental industrial genre. Presented here as a sort of three piece suite, providing various textures, moods and varying degrees of percussive utilization.
+ Lastly, the selection from Metal Machine Music is one of four lengthy tracks found on the much-maligned (and occasionally highly-revered) album by Lou Reed. Made up of feedback, distortion, and atonal guitar, the listener will either be enthralled or agitated, but either way, like many of the tracks on this mix, strong reaction is ensured.
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do your war dance
Date: 7/5/2005
excellent coil track.
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/5/2005
Fushitsusha!!! I never see them around here. Nice MbV, Elevators and VU picks.
Date: 7/6/2005
Lots of great stuff here.
Date: 8/2/2005
Wow! Maybe AotM should have a new Difficult Listening category ;) Very impressive work here, Mr Gnome, although I doubt I could manage all four disks at once.

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