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time spent on rainy days

Artist Song Buy
beck  the golden age   buy on itunes
sufjan stevens  to be alone with you   buy on itunes
richard buckner   slept   buy on itunes
iron and wine  each coming night  buy on itunes
m ward   carolina  buy on itunes
elliot smith  twilight  buy on itunes
regina spektor  samson   buy on itunes
iron and wine  sea and the rhythm  buy on itunes
jeff buckley  lover, you should've come over   buy on itunes
my morning jacket  hopefully (acoustic)  buy on itunes
ray lamontagne  jolene   buy on itunes
bob dylan  don't think twice, it's alright  buy on itunes
wilco  wishful thinking   buy on itunes
townes van zandt  the catfish song   buy on itunes
iron and wine  sodom, south georgia  buy on itunes
ryan adams  in my time of need   buy on itunes
nick drake  place to be   buy on itunes
john prine  my mexican home  buy on itunes
bright eyes   first day of my life   buy on itunes
richard buckner  figure   buy on itunes
coldplay   sparks   buy on itunes
metallica  enter sandman   buy on itunes


the metallica's just a joke... it's a pretty laid back mix: perfect (i think) for rain and sleep. comments? criticisms?


Black Rose
Date: 8/16/2005
Great! how about "Save It For A Rainy Day" by The Jayhawks?.
Date: 8/16/2005
nice, excellent artist all in all
Date: 8/16/2005
favourite nick drake song
and favourite bright eyes song
and one of my favourite beck songs
and the rest is great
Date: 8/16/2005
and what about banana pancakes?
Date: 8/16/2005
"the rain song" by zeppelin?
Date: 8/17/2005
yeah i had thought about zep and other songs that specifically to do with rain, but i wanted to capture the texture/ subtlety of rain rather than use songs that had to do with literal rain. although, "november rain" would be awesome...
Date: 8/19/2005
this is a keeper ;)
love that ray lamontagne song.
saving amy
Date: 1/7/2006
dude i definitely had to check the name on this, because i literally made the same mix. my august mix had tracks, 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 17, and 19 on it... that's freaky... but wonderful! grrrreat mix. and what's even funnier is that i had save it for a rainy day and banana pancakes on it... hahahahaha

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