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some sick songs

Artist Song Buy
Junior Byles (Curly Locks: Best Of 1970-76)  Fever  buy on itunes
Tenor Saw (Fever)  Dub Fever  buy on itunes
The Chakachas (Boogie Nights Soundtrack)  Jungle Fever  buy on itunes
Beenie Man (Candle Wax Riddim)  Dengue Fever (Candle Wax)  buy on itunes
Fela Anikulapo Kuti (Yellow Fever)  Yellow Fever  buy on itunes
Deerhoof (Reveille)  Holy Night Fever  buy on itunes
Van Morrison (Bang Masters)  T.B. Sheets  buy on itunes
Ween (The Pod)  Mononucleosis  buy on itunes
Freddie Houston (Old Town & Barry Soul Stirrers)  Chills And Fever  buy on itunes
Silver Apples (Silver Apples)  A Pox On You  buy on itunes
Wilco with Syd Straw (Red Hot & Country)  The TB is Killing Me  buy on itunes
Depeche Mode (single)  Shake the disease  buy on itunes
Ethiopians (Train To Skaville, Anthology 1966 - 1975)  Hong Kong Flu  buy on itunes
Vic Thrill (CE-5)  Hummingbird Pneumonia  buy on itunes
Sonic Youth (Touch Me I'm Sick/Halloween by Mudhoney single)  Touch Me I'm Sick  buy on itunes
Fugazi (13 Songs)  Give Me The Cure  buy on itunes
Menomena (I Am the Fun Blame Monster)  Cough Coughing  buy on itunes
Richard Cheese (Tuxicity)  Down with the Sickness  buy on itunes
Arthur Brown (The Crazy World of Arthur Brown)  Rest Cure  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan (The Bootleg Series Volume 2)  Suze (The Cough Song)  buy on itunes


For Kirk, who's always sick.
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Date: 8/19/2005
Clever theme!
Date: 8/19/2005
nice work!
Date: 8/19/2005
thats great
joey de vivre
Date: 8/23/2005
Infectious! Maybe I could trade you my "love bug" mix for this - ?
joey de vivre
Date: 8/30/2005
Ah, now I hear it, now I get it! You didn't just pick songs about being sick, you went for the fever dream trance sound, the jungle drums pounding through the night as you lie in your tent sweating out the dengue fever . . . very evocative. & then Richard Cheese is always fun, & closing out on the cough makes a great ending. Well done!

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