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Without you - what does my life amount to

Artist Song Buy
Sun Kil Moon  Carry Me Ohio   buy on itunes
Nick Drake  I Was Made To Love Magic  buy on itunes
Red House Painters  Medicine Bottle   buy on itunes
Songs: Ohia  Being In Love   buy on itunes
David & the citizens  As You Fall (I Watch With Love)   buy on itunes
R.E.M.  Country Feedback   buy on itunes
Ryan Adams  La Cienega Just Smiled   buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  No Lies, Just Love   buy on itunes
The Smiths  I Know It's Over   buy on itunes
Kristofer +str÷m  You Are My Sunshine  buy on itunes
Ryan Adams  Now That You're Gone  buy on itunes
Cirkus Miramar  Sis. Morphene   buy on itunes
Songs: Ohia  Just What Can Last   buy on itunes
Red House Painters  Katy Song   buy on itunes
The Cure  Trust   buy on itunes
Sophia  I Left You  buy on itunes


leaving will get you down, they say


Date: 10/17/2005
I like it. You have a cure song on there, so that makes you and this mix awesome. I love the cure.
Date: 10/17/2005
Some great stuff here.
Date: 10/18/2005
Thank you a lot :)

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