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Sisters Morphine: A Female Tribute To The Rolling Stones

Artist Song Buy
Liz Phair  Mother's Little Helper   buy on itunes
Cowboy Junkies  Dead Flowers  buy on itunes
Merry Clayton  Gimmie Shelter   buy on itunes
Marianne Faithful  Sister Morphine  buy on itunes
Nancy Sinatra  As Tears Go By   buy on itunes
Melanie  Jigsaw Puzzle  buy on itunes
Linda Ronstadt  Tumbling Dice   buy on itunes
Tori Amos  Angie   buy on itunes
Bette Midler  Beast of Burden   buy on itunes
Gwyneth Paltrow and Babyface   Just My Imagination  buy on itunes
Aretha Franklin and Keith Richards  Jumpin' Jack Flash  buy on itunes
Vanessa Carlton  Paint it Black   buy on itunes
Melissa Etheridge  Honky Tonk Woman  buy on itunes
The Sundays  Wild Horses   buy on itunes
Sheryl Crow  Bitch  buy on itunes
Bjork & PJ Harvey  Satisfaction  buy on itunes
The Corrs  Ruby Tuesday  buy on itunes
Suzie McNeil  Start Me Up  buy on itunes
Rita Lee  It's Only Rock And Roll  buy on itunes
Norah Jones  The Nearness of You   buy on itunes


I think I might make a series out of female covers. This one is dedicated to my father. He took me to go see The Rolling Stones a month ago. I was a little pissed because the first act was Alanis Morrisette and although I really wanted to see her play we missed it because we got lost in traffic. Now he's in the hospital and I'm just.. gah.. going crazy and listening to a lot of classic rock right now.
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Date: 10/19/2005
A damn fine mix vamp...& imho a contender for MOTW!
Dead Man
Date: 10/20/2005
Date: 10/21/2005
Outstanding! I was considering doing something similar a few years ago, but most of them turned up on the Covers of the Rolling Stones mix I did with fellow AOTMer Thomas Mohr.
Date: 10/22/2005
I bet this is good fun - looks it!
joey de vivre
Date: 11/7/2005
This works much better than giving Mick Jagger a sex-change operation. Wait a minute, though, the nearness of you , did the Stones cover that ?
I'm having a hard time imagining that -

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