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potentially offensive cover list

Artist Song Buy
the donnas  dancing with myself-billy idol-  buy on itunes
the vandals  summer lovin'-grease-  buy on itunes
reggie and the full effect  raining blood-slayer-  buy on itunes
green day  i fought the law-bobby fuller/the clash,kind of-  buy on itunes
the cure  hello,i love you-the doors-  buy on itunes
the ataris  astro zombies-misfits-  buy on itunes
bratmobile  cherry bomb-the runaways/joan jett-  buy on itunes
1000 homo dj's  supernaut-black sabbath-  buy on itunes
marilyn manson  rock n roll nigger -patti smith group-  buy on itunes
the 5,6,7,8's  woo hoo-the rock a teens-  buy on itunes
shonen knife  till the end of the day-the kinks-  buy on itunes
rancid  if the kids are united-sham 69-  buy on itunes
le tigre  i'm so excited-the pointer sisters-  buy on itunes
no doubt  its my life-talk talk-  buy on itunes
relient k  the pirates who dont do anything-veggie tales-  buy on itunes
the network  teenagers from mars-misfits-  buy on itunes
death cab for cutie  all is full of love-bjork-  buy on itunes
my chemical romance/the used  under pressure-david bowie/queen  buy on itunes
jimmy eat world  last christmas-wham?-  buy on itunes
goldfinger  just like heaven-the cure-  buy on itunes
social distortion  ring of fire-johnny cash-  buy on itunes
dresden dolls  war pigs-black sabbath-  buy on itunes


relient k will offend the elitist. manson's track,well,duh. purist metal brats might not like war pigs,and other such things. but this rocks,screw you guys im going home


Date: 10/24/2005

I completely freaking love you for including Reggies cover of Raining Blood.
Date: 10/25/2005
just reading this made me chuckle. i like.
Date: 10/25/2005
Offended, check. Cover comps... gotta love'em.
Date: 10/26/2005
Not offended in the least! Manson is just Manson. No Doubt (especially that song) and Green Day are my favorite ones. Variety is good!!

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