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The Mighty Tom Cats  Cheeba Cheeba  buy on itunes
Grootna  I'm Funky  buy on itunes
Fatback Band  Fatbackin'  buy on itunes
The Ripple  I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure is Funky  buy on itunes
Johnny Jenkins  I Walk On Gilded Splinters  buy on itunes
Johnny Pearson  Assualt Course  buy on itunes
Helene Smith  You Got To Be A Man  buy on itunes
Irvine Weldon  Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk  buy on itunes
Roger Roger  Safari Park  buy on itunes
Cymande  Bra  buy on itunes
Marilyn Barbarin  Reborn  buy on itunes
Jesse Morrison  Shakey Pudding  buy on itunes
George Freeman  The Bump  buy on itunes
Majestics  Funky Chick  buy on itunes
John Cameron  Swamp Fever  buy on itunes
The Sugarman Three  Turtle Walk  buy on itunes
Fred Wesley & the J.B's  If You Don't Get It The First Time........  buy on itunes
Brian Bennett  Boogie Juice  buy on itunes
Hamilton Bohannon  The Fat Man  buy on itunes
Bullett  Road Runner  buy on itunes



alma cogan
Date: 11/15/2005
You are a fonky old motherlover. Nevertheless I can't resist a couple of pedantic corrections: track 8 is sensational but was actually by Weldon Irvine, the groove gangster who is regularly namechecked by hip hop genius Madlib; and I believe track 10 is called Bra (no really, check the typography, though I agree Era would have been a better name). Nice mix all the same, and sorry for being a smartarse. Oh and I'm guessing now but that last track could well be from Lalo Schifrin's slinky soundtrack to the movie Bullitt. And yes I probably should be diagnosed as an obsessive-compulsive anal retentive.
Date: 11/15/2005
Date: 11/15/2005
That slipperyhangdoglookcan sure rock the party! Save one for me! ( ;
Date: 11/16/2005
alma, thanx for comments,you are definetely right on a couple, but probably all 3 counts. The Irvine Weldon tune was from vinyl, so entered onto itunes by hand, so completely my (dyslexic ?) mistake. Bra was more confusing, as I've had that on vinyl for years, and know the track as Bra, but I more recently picked up the CD, which had printed on the cover Era, also loaded as Era, so I just left it !
The Roadrunner tune, is from vinyl again & I've checked, & either its right or its the only track on the album 'round the wrong way ?
But if you have a copy of the Film Soundtrack, I'll send you the mix & you can confirm if you like ?
Date: 11/16/2005
OOOOOHHHH! I would like to trade for this as well.

Very nice picks...a lot of artists I am in pursuit of (what's new?).

Maybe...when Funk #2 arrives you'd be up for a trade for one of my funk mixes? Hmm. Please!?
p the swede
Date: 11/17/2005
mighty great
Date: 11/25/2005
I listened to this today. To use a word i wouldn't normally go near.Awesome.
Date: 11/27/2005
I've listened to this twice now, and I have to agree with steelkillie about that word, (although by now you probably have noticed it's one I use without moderation or reservation.) It all sounds great, a combo of favorites I know and AWESOME tracks that I am so glad you introduced me to. For one, the opener, which has to go on the short list of best pot songs of all time. You funky hangdog!

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