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CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme - Road Trip

"As I remember, your eyes were bluer than robin's eggs."

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Tom Waits  Broken Bicycles  buy on itunes
Bessie Smith  Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl   buy on itunes
Jonathan Richman  My Love is a Flower (Just Beginning to Bloom)  buy on itunes
Joan Baez  I'm a Rambler, I'm a Gambler  buy on itunes
Neil Young  Harvest Moon   buy on itunes
Joanna Newsom  En Gallop  buy on itunes
Rivers Cuomo  I Can't Live, if Living is Without You  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  Up to Me   buy on itunes
Violent Femmes  Sweet Misery Blues   buy on itunes
Cowboy Junkies  Sweet Jane   buy on itunes
Beatles  Long, Long, Long  buy on itunes
Magnetic Fields  All My Little Words  buy on itunes
Regina Spektor  The Flowers   buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  If Winter Ends   buy on itunes
Joan Baez  Diamonds and Rust   buy on itunes
Elliott Smith  Satellite   buy on itunes
Mountain Goats  Orange Ball of Hate  buy on itunes
Camera Obscura  Happy New Year   buy on itunes
Calvin Johnson  I'm a Lightnin' Rod for Jesus  buy on itunes
Robert Johnson  Love In Vain   buy on itunes
Daniel Johnston  Hate Song  buy on itunes
Modest Mouse  Think Long   buy on itunes


Well I'll be damned
Here comes your ghost again
But that's not unusual
It's just that the moon is full
And you happened to call
And here I sit
Hand on the telephone
Hearing a voice I'd known
A couple of light years ago
Heading straight for a fall

As I remember your eyes
Were bluer than robin's eggs
My poetry was lousy you said
Where are you calling from?
A booth in the midwest
Ten years ago
I bought you some cufflinks
You brought me something
We both know what memories can bring
They bring diamonds and rust

Well you burst on the scene
Already a legend
The unwashed phenomenon
The original vagabond
You strayed into my arms
And there you stayed
Temporarily lost at sea
The Madonna was yours for free
Yes the girl on the half-shell
Would keep you unharmed

Now I see you standing
With brown leaves falling around
And snow in your hair
Now you're smiling out the window
Of that crummy hotel
Over Washington Square
Our breath comes out white clouds
Mingles and hangs in the air
Speaking strictly for me
We both could have died then and there

Now you're telling me
You're not nostalgic
Then give me another word for it
You who are so good with words
And at keeping things vague
Because I need some of that vagueness now
It's all come back too clearly
Yes I loved you dearly
And if you're offering me diamonds and rust
I've already paid

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Date: 1/6/2006
Very sweet mix. I love that Daniel Johnston song, and the Bessie Smith too.
Date: 1/6/2006
Really enjoyed the Waits and Dylan tunes.
Date: 1/6/2006
Very nice.
Date: 1/6/2006
running away into you
Date: 1/6/2006
Date: 1/6/2006
Kudos. Another fine addition.
Date: 1/7/2006
Date: 1/8/2006
Real sweet and nice artwork too.
Date: 3/4/2006
hahaha, I loved seeing Mountain Goats.
Date: 12/2/2007
too sad

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