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Mellow Mix

Artist Song Buy
Kristen Vigard  God Give Me Strength  buy on itunes
Sleep Walk  Santo and Johnny  buy on itunes
Aimee Mann  The Fall of the World's Own Optimist   buy on itunes
Ben Folds Five  Missing the War  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Across the Universe  buy on itunes
Paul McCartney  Junk  buy on itunes
Slim Whitman  Rose Marie  buy on itunes
Elvis Presley  Tommorow Night  buy on itunes
John Lennon  #9 Dream  buy on itunes
Aimee Mann  Save Me  buy on itunes
Carole King  Will You Love Me Tommorow  buy on itunes
Elton John  We All Fall In Love Sometimes  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Sexy Sadie  buy on itunes
Patsy Cline  Faded Love  buy on itunes


this list could go on and on... just mellow music for mellow times.


Date: 3/2/2001
i accidently flipped the artist and song names on track two. its hard to hear that song without thinking of the la bamba death sequence, but its probably the saddest song ive ever heard...

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