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Bauhaus Foundation Dessau May 1996

Artist Song Buy
Pelt  Untitled {Track 3} - Untitled - (2005)  buy on itunes
Akiyama, Tetuzi  Condemnation - Pre-Existence - (2005)  buy on itunes
Parker, Evan & Prevost, Eddie  Skill Gave Rise to Chance, and Chance to Skill - Most Materiall - (1997)  buy on itunes
Paavoharju  Track 10 - Yha Hamaraa - (2005)  buy on itunes
OOIOO  Untitled {Track 10} - Gold and Green - (2005)  buy on itunes
Youngs, Richard  Once It Was Autumn - The Naive Shaman - (2005)  buy on itunes
Keiji, Haino  Drifting - Black Blues (Electric) - (2004)  buy on itunes
u-ziq  Wannabe - Lunatic Harness - (1997)  buy on itunes
Oval  Song 4 - Oval Process - (2000)  buy on itunes
Delay, Vladislav  Holiday - Clicks + Cuts Volume 2 - (2002)  buy on itunes
Wiley  Doorway - Treddin' On Thin Ice - (2004)  buy on itunes


3 of 4 in a series...

A collection of avant, experimental and not-so-mainstream musical selection prepared for a soon-to-be-had trip to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

A Tribute to Curtis Burns, Shawn Porter & Nick Falivena whom inspired these mixes via their constant explorations of paths less traveled.
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bufo alvarius
Date: 1/18/2006
Yeah, another awesome one. (I know about half of this one, so I may need to hear the rest of this). That Paavoharju and Richard Youngs are a couple of my favorites of '05. Oh yeah, that Pelt record is pretty f'ing great also. The cover art for all of these is pretty amazing, too.
Date: 1/18/2006
Have a fantastic trip to the museum! I love the idea of art music in that context. OOIOO!
Nick Falivena
Date: 1/19/2006
We will have to discuss Prevost's contributions to the 20th Century. I am very fond of that Keiji Haino track.

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