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CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

the six million dollar mix

Artist Song Buy
"the six million dollar man"  theme song  buy on itunes
"the six million dollar man"  that noise, you know the one  buy on itunes
miss kittin and the hacker  frank sinatra 2001  buy on itunes
the stooges  i wanna be your dog   buy on itunes
murder city devils  boom swagger boom  buy on itunes
death from above 1979  romantic rights (erol alkan's love from below re-edit)   buy on itunes
the rapture  the coming of spring   buy on itunes
the moving units  emancipation  buy on itunes
kiss me deadly  dance 1   buy on itunes
ladytron  light & magic   buy on itunes
mommy and daddy  franconia road   buy on itunes
joy division  warsaw   buy on itunes
gun club  sex beat  buy on itunes
you say party! we say die!  cold hands! hot bodies!   buy on itunes
no knife  flechette   buy on itunes
yeah yeah yeahs  cold light   buy on itunes
sonic youth  purr   buy on itunes
depeche mode  world in my eyes   buy on itunes
help she can't swim  my own private disco   buy on itunes
ddm  turn on 'on'  buy on itunes
holy fuck  korock   buy on itunes
liars  hold hands and it will happen anyway   buy on itunes
selfish cunt  britain is shit  buy on itunes
suicide  cheree   buy on itunes


the name comes from a particularly bad/randy joke, thus the mix was made for certain...actions. plus it was made around halloween, which is just a good time for dark, fast things.


Date: 2/26/2006
this is so great, i love it, that suicide song is so damn good! also, great miss kittin, stooges, rapture, ladytron, joy division, yeah yeah yeahs, nice, nice, nice

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