i've got a heart full of rubber bands that keep getting caught on things

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The Mountain Goats  First Few Desperate Hours   buy on itunes
Metric  Combat Baby   buy on itunes
New Rhodes  You've Given Me Something That I Can't Give Back  buy on itunes
The Like  June Gloom   buy on itunes
Butterfly Boucher  Another White Dash   buy on itunes
Dirty Pretty Things  Bang Bang You're Dead   buy on itunes
The Weakerthans  Benediction   buy on itunes
Ryan Adams  Words   buy on itunes
The Boy Least Likely To  I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star  buy on itunes
Ray LaMontagne  Hannah   buy on itunes
Guillemots  Trains To Brazil   buy on itunes
Howling Bells  Blessed Night  buy on itunes
Giant Drag  YFLMD   buy on itunes
Matt Pond PA  Halloween   buy on itunes
Sufjan Stevens  The Dress Looks Nice On You   buy on itunes
Old Crow Medicine Show  Wagon Wheel   buy on itunes
Carolyn Mark & the New Best Friends  The Wine Song   buy on itunes


A birthday mix, and I'm pretty proud of it despite the fact that my head is so obviously full of somebody other than the recipient. An aside: that's three uses of Metric's "Combat Baby" in a week. Does mix etiquette frown on such things?


Date: 3/3/2006
There's "mix etiquette"? Why wasn't I informed? I know that there's "Indie Cred", that's a given; and this mix has it in abundance.
Mike Eternity
Date: 3/4/2006
You can use a song as much as you like, if you ask me. There you're mixes, after all, made to suit you, not anyone else. People shouldn't be so caught up in the artistic endeavoring that AOTM promotes. I mean, it's a noble pursuit and can yield special things, but we shouldn't lose track of the basic fun and value of making mixes for ourselves. I think I have that problem, too...anyway, naw, that's a good Metric song. Keep on using it. Although frankly, I'm blinded by the beauty of a few other tracks on here, namely Mt. Goats, BLLT, Sufjan, and that aching Dylan cover. Expertly put together and full of goodies, this is
Date: 3/5/2006
My mix etiquette is "If it feels good-do it".

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