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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome To Violence...

Artist Song Buy
The Neptunas  Faster Pussycat  buy on itunes
John Barry  Beat Girl  buy on itunes
The Holograms  Are You Ready For It  buy on itunes
Jet vs Girls Aloud  You Gonna be my love machine?  buy on itunes
The Count Five  Psychotic Reaction   buy on itunes
The 5,6,7,8's  (I'm Sorry Mama) I'm a Wild One  buy on itunes
Chico Rey & The Jet Band  Stiletto  buy on itunes
The Cramps  Get off the Road  buy on itunes
Stu Phillips  Hells Angles On Wheels  buy on itunes
Ferrante & Teicher  Barbarella   buy on itunes
Ronald Stein  Attack Of The 50ft. Woman : 50ft. Rock (& Roll)  buy on itunes
Dulcie Younger And The Silencers  Bad Luck Baby  buy on itunes
Straight 8s  Hot Rod Queen   buy on itunes
The Barbary Coasters  Wanted By The Law  buy on itunes
Peggy Lee  Why Don't You Do Right (Get Me Some Money Too)   buy on itunes
The Delta Rhythm Boys  Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman   buy on itunes
The Checkers  Bad Girl  buy on itunes
The Vibes  Miniskirt Blues   buy on itunes
The Scamps  Miniskirt And Highheeled Shoes  buy on itunes
The Sonics  The Witch   buy on itunes
Messer Chups  I'm Psycho Bitch  buy on itunes
The Ultra 5  Rock 'N' Roll Doll  buy on itunes
The Subways  Rock & Roll Queen (Live)   buy on itunes
PJ Harvey  50Ft Queenie (live)  buy on itunes
Dresden Dolls  Girl Anachronism  buy on itunes
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  The Ballad of Robert Moore & Betty Coltrane  buy on itunes
Trixie Smith  I'm Mellow   buy on itunes


In a world that didn't understand them, they were on the edge, and there was No Turning Back!
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Date: 3/9/2006
Oh yeah! Whip me!
joey de vivre
Date: 3/9/2006
To live outside the law you must be 50 feet tall . . . there's no turning back from this one!
Lancelot Link IV1
Date: 3/9/2006
oh yeah!
Air Raid
Date: 3/9/2006
Awsome! 4 Stars!
Nest of Vipers
Date: 3/10/2006
Cool. Cool. COOL DADDY-O!
Date: 3/11/2006
The first ten tracks said I had to look no more. Anyone have any of the brown sugar left? This is what Nicholas Cage listened to each morning while preparing for his David Lynch debut.

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